Beautiful Beginnings with Beauty Beyond the Beat ♥

Hello all, I am Beauty Beyond the Beat and I will be discussing all things BEAUTY, both INSIDE and OUT 🙂


Growing up, confidence was instilled in me through my family… I was always told that I was pretty and smart. In my teen years, I would always get teased for being chubby, but my comeback was always “bet you can’t say I’m ugly though!!!” (SMH & LOL) I believe that I am beautiful, and no one can tell me otherwise. However, up until about 2 years ago I let that get to my head big time. I was a mess!!! (sometimes I still am… working progress though) I had graduated with one degree, working on the next, I advanced in my career, I was kid free (still am, yes gawd) and a SUPER DIVA, but not the nice one… Fortunately for me, God surrounded me with authentic and humble people who loved me, and gave me reality checks on the regular. I came to realize that my self centeredness and attitude made me look so ugly, and sometimes it made people not want to be around me. I had many messy people in my life that got a kick out of seeing me act a fool, they even provoked it. But I learned the hard way that being pretty will only take you so far. If you have a nasty attitude, are as dumb as a rock, uninteresting, extremely self centered, or just plain lame as shit, then what’s on the outside won’t matter when it comes to GENUINE friendships and relationships. Yes it will be easy for you to be pursued (frequently) and you will probably always have someone to call upon in your time of boredom. But where’s the stability in that? What about a solid relationship? Unless you want to be in that type of in and out situation, you are going to find yourself very unhappy, and always seeking attention whether its negative or positive. Your beauty is what ATTRACTS a person, but what you bring to the table is whats going to KEEP them. I can go on and on about this topic, but we will have plenty of time for that. My weekly post won’t always be so serious and deep, we are going to have tons of fun too!!! You can look forward to posts about makeup, (which I absolutely adore), beauty and health tips, and so much more… I will also feature a Beat of the Week, it might be a celebrity or a civilian, but just know that they will be BEAT!!!


see you next week my loves


XOXO, triplebeez 🙂


If you have any topics you would like us to talk about please email us at


Oh BTW my birthday is this Thursday 7/3/14, show your girl some LOVE!!!





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