I AM NaturallyDeeDee

INTRODUCING…….I AM Naturally DeeDee

Welcome to my view of the world…. well a snippet of my view.  I hope you are enjoying your stay.  To start off I am way behind and I apologize….Justice Mayrie addressed this in her post last week Perfect in Every Way so I’ll just let that be it.

Now I missed my introduction so here it goes. I go by Naturally DeeDee.  YES, I am natural NO I am not I hate everything not-natural….bah bah bah…… To be honest I am natural because it is better for my hair (I said for ‘MY’ hair). Now I LOVE color and I have calmed down a bit but a few year ago there was no color I would not try which is why the relaxer was put out of my hair’s life. You see I use to have any and every color with a relaxer as well. What I did not always have–was the ‘patience’ to grow color treated relaxed hair. Yes that can be done however you must have patience and the means to grow relaxed and color treated hair.


Anyway, more about me….from the picture above you can see that I am a mother to a loving 2-year-old girl.  She is my heart and I will do anything for her.  I love being a mother for those you will want to know later down the line yes I am a single mother. Her father is her father I leave it at that….but one thing I must address I am not a baby’s mother.  For those who do not understand please read A LITTLE LATE BUT HERE’S THE TRUTH by  MZZ TRUTH. She will help you out and you will have acquired a complete understanding of a baby’s mother verses a mother of a child. My life is being a mother first which is a blessing as well watching her grow has taught me so much. She sees love in everything. She is so quick to remind us to calm down and just be happy I love that the most about her. Plus ‘kids say the darnest things’ and I love everything about it. More about me…I was born in Brooklyn, NY raised in a combo of New York, New Jersey and Georgia.  I live in Georgia at the moment but one I might move back to California. I had a short stay there (it was just for a few months) and I loved it.  I am a Realtor® and I am also finishing my Master of Business Administration with a concentration on Finance. I will also start a part-time when school is back in session.  In between my little one’s school, dance class, my career, and education I also find time for sewing, crafting, and other various things.  It helps that my little one is very creative and loves to use her sewing machine as well….yes she reminds me about it daily.   I love her for it.

Let’s Get On track…..


Is there such a thing?  I would say yes, but it depends on the person.  When it is the first date, it is a whole other story.  Personally, I am like most ‘women’ if I do not know you we will be meeting, each other at the venue….You could be crazy. Now one good date does not crosses out you being crazy but it means you are either sane or a great actor.  Now for if it was my first date we would have talked for a little so you would know something about me which would help you plan a date. Which means the date would be creative.  Now dinner and a movie is not a great first date but if that was a choice the movie would be something I would like.  Dinner at a nice place would be a great first date.  However, nice does not mean expensive and that point does not mean cheap.  Put some though into it make her smile not just by saying you look beautiful by showing her you cared enough to make a great impression.

Yes, impression, when you want a job you dress up you plan things out you prepare yourself to get the job. Now I am not saying in one date you get the girl and I mean as a girlfriend not as a sex friend (too many people treat sex as if it is nothing when it is something it is a matter of life and death).  Anyway, back to this date you take the steps and prepare for an interview so do the same for your date….PLAN IT!!!!

Picture this he arrives at the venue with a rose maybe some flowers but a single rose would do and he is dressed nice not just jeans and a plain t-shirt.  The date continues with a painting night, wine (light drinks) and a light meal followed by a walk on the beach or in the city (location-based).  Or flip it around go to the museum look at some art and for those who don’t love it remember the date is about getting to know each other so if the museum is boring….well it is because you are boring…..lol.  On the other hand, there is always bowling night just remember make it fun and interactive….. because a silent walk on the beach is — AWKWARD.

Bottom line live a little…laugh little ENJOY your night.  You never know you might need up having a night where she screaming on the inside….

“Push me against the wall and kiss the hell out of me”.  

I’ll leave it up to you do you want a ‘silent’ walk on the beach or do you want to a run in waves.

I appreciate every one of you and stay tuned I have a lot of things to come.

****If you have a topic, you would like us to talk about please email us at iambloggers@yahoo.com****


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