The New Side Chick Part II: But I Can’t Leave Him…

This is definitely a must read. In today’s society we have begun to outcast what we have labelled as the “side chick” but we too have been the side chick and not recognized it. Please read this and Part I

Miss T. N. king

In my opinion, love is the greatest gift a person can give and receive. People spend a lifetime seeking, chasing, crying, and fighting for love. But what happens when that sweet love turns sour? Your sunny skies turn gray, and the one person you loved the most has given you the biggest heartache.  I want to discuss how to let go of toxic relationships and gain the strength to move forward. Since I’ve published “The ‘New’ Side Chick: I was Her”, a lot of men and women have contacted me sharing their similar experiences and have asked me how to move on from someone you love. I too have faced the same challenge, and through the grace of God, I’ve made it.

Growing up, I’ve always vowed to never give my heart away. I liked, but wouldn’t dare to love. However, all of that changed once…

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9 thoughts on “The New Side Chick Part II: But I Can’t Leave Him…

  1. That’s real. It’s so easy to label someone an outcast, especially without first taking a look in the mirror at ourselves first.

    I’ve had more than a few woman mention how much they were able to relate to that post and have been a woman in that position before.

      1. That’s real.

        One of the women I spoke to about the post stated that in most cases women don’t really have a label on what that type of situation is. They may have their expectations, but they don’t really know what it is or where it’s going.

        I’m curious, what are some of the facts that you think are sometimes not there or clearly identifiable?

      2. We don’t think standing by our man classifies us as a side chick. We think of the person he cheated with as the side chick and when we find out a man has cheated we give them multiple times to get it together instead of cutting them off

      3. Standing by a partner shouldn’t be classified as a side chick.

        Sadly, there are men who don’t know what they want and they don’t mind hurting women (especially women who truly care for them) along their journey.

        Why do you think some women give men multiple chances, after they discover they have cheated on them, instead of just cutting them off?

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