I miss Chicago

ok so I’ve been in Georgia for about 9 going on 10 months and although I loving being around family and old friends, I MISS CHICAGO. 

My family and old friends have known me most of my life and they continue to think I am still that chick from 2008. Times have changed, I have changed, things happened, life happened. I’m working on being a better me after this chapter of my life. I say this chapter because although I’m through the storm I’m still cleaning up the mess. It seems as though they all expect me to wake up and magically be ok. Well guess what guys I WONT!

My friends in Chicago don’t know 2008 Nikki so they aren’t looking for her return. They know I’m in the midst of a reconstruction to my world and they are there for me. They are willing to hold a nail when I swing. Everyone I met in the past 3 years were put in my life to help guide me through it. I miss just having fun with them. I miss the BBQ’s, the basement parties, the drunken nights at the crib just reflecting on life, I miss the “lets go to the show” or “meet me at the bowling alley”. I miss the I cooked and I got some wine let’s watch Love and Hip hop. It’s like it’s a lets live life place. Where as in Georgia it’s more of a I’m on this trying to come up place. 

I also miss the Chicago culture, it’s so beautiful in such a fucked up time. Yes there is a lot of killings going on but have you ever looked at the lake front when you wake up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMERTIME CHI! But as much as I hated the winters it was still beautiful looking at the lake front. You’d have to experience it to understand it. 

Anyways, I just needed to get that out. Hey yall. I got a new subject to speak on but that will be some time this week. Love yall.  



Update.. Career… Life… Friendships… Love… Just a quick overview of what’s new. 

Hi guys, 
It’s been a while. Oh how I’ve missed Blogging. The Ladies of I Am Bloggers have been super busy. Big things have been going on with us. Clothing Lines, Boutiques, promotions in career, Real Estate Mogul in the making. Big things I tell you. 

We just making moves; building EMPIRES!  


Y’all know that’s me in the blue right? Lol 

For me I’m still working on the line it’s popping.  

Go get your shirt at www.Iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com. I’ve moved from Chicago to Atlanta. I definitely miss it everyday but it was a career move. I told my 1SG before I got out of the Army that I was going to get a government job, and that’s exactly what I did. Received my Bachelors Degree in two years. 8 months later I was working in my dream job. Career wise things are just starting. 

But truthfully life is ummmmm complicated. I have really good days and really bad days. Most of the time I honestly feel like people who knew me prior to 2008 really don’t understand I AM NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE. I think once people understand that I won’t spend so much time trying to get them to understand that. I mean truly understanding that I honestly give ZERO you know the rest lol. Life wise well it’s just life lol 

Friendships are still as strong as ever. I still roll with the Ladies of I Am Bloggers ain’t sh*t changed. We still sh*tting on the haters. I mean it is what it is!!! We’ve even added some new people to the crew. Friends are still family. Bonds can’t be broken. 


Listen!!!! This next area ain’t no joke!!! I promise you love ain’t been no friend of mine. There’s this guy I like, super down to earth, hella cute, great guy, great father. But the way my ex’s are setup I am not mentally in a place to be anyone’s girlfriend. With an ex that pops up at my apartment when he feels like it. And an ex that sends me a good morning photo/video daily. Yea those are the kind of ex’s that I have smh. WHERE DID I FIND THESE NIGGAS!!!!!  Some times I just have to sit back and reflect on the STUPID decisions I’ve made. Love wise I just think Bish Where? Lol

 Quick update on the Ladies
Naturally DeeDee is becoming the next real estate mogul of Atlanta doing it big!!!

TripleBeez aka Beauty Beyond the Beat just got a big time promotion at her job!!! She the BOSS!!! Yall know how my crew does! 

Mzz Truth is the proud owner of Alii Calii go check her out on Facebook! Alii Calii


Anyways love bugs  I think I have gone on this rant for way too long. I’ll try to post another one next week. 
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