Hmmm…let’s see.
If it is a first date, I am meeting you at the location. People are crazy nowadays. Therefore if you want to show out feel free I am going to put my church usher finger in the air and leave. Lol
I love to have fun enjoy life. So we would go to places like Dave & Busters or even bowling. Depending on our location, we can even go walking on a boardwalk. Now that’s the Cali in me. Your probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned a dinner & a movie as a perfect date? I’ll keep it real with ya’ll. How many times have you went on a date to the movies, ate dinner and your date is expecting you to give up the goods afterwards? Nobody? Don’t even lie!! It’s the society we live in.
Men..I mean boys who portray themselves as men believe that they are owed something because they paid for everything on a date. Who made this rule? I am not saying that the men should pay for everything. Hey I’ll grab dinner if you pay for the activities. That let’s him know that you are willing to help and aren’t just using him.
So my recipe for a perfect date would be to engage in fun activities while getting to know your date…NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT..GRAB YOUR TEA AND HOLD ON TO YOUR TABLES!!!




babymother |ˈbābēˌməT͟Hər| (or babyfather |ˈbābēˌfäT͟Hər| )noun black Englishthe mother (or father) of one or more of one’s children.

There are two types of mothers. There is the mother of your child, and a baby’s mother. Many people do not know the difference. Trust if you are a mother and do not allow yourself to be labeled as a Baby’s mother. Have you ever noticed that we are the only race that refers to the mother of a child as a baby mother? Ladies, we aren’t innocent because we take pride in that name.

Well let me elaborate on that term. This is where your going to start feeling some type of way. Society has negative views about baby mothers. Their on welfare, doing drugs, unemployed, taking the baby’s money getting your hair or nails done and always in the club. So are you still a baby’s mother? Oh ok let me continue.
A baby’s mothers is a woman who behaves childish. You are bitter because he moved on so you withhold the child from him. He’s not paying child support so you also won’t allow him to spend time with his child. You cause unnecessary drama in this man’s life just because he DOES NOT WANT YOU! No lie I will admit I was guilty of being bitter. I was with my son’s father for 10 years. We planned to have my son. A couple of months after my son was born the relationship was over. It hurts I know. I did the screaming, cussing hanging up phones. The issue is that you still want that man and some women use their child as a bait to interact with him. NO, stop that shit right now!! Oh so your going to put on a skin tight dress and go to the club everyday to prove a point? While your child is at grandma’s house, and haven’t spent anytime with you. Post a couple of nude pictures or tweak for the internet while your baby is in the background? Good job you have his attention and everyone else’s attention in the world. Honestly the baby needs to stay with grandma until you get your shit together.

One day I realized, I can argue with this man until I turn blue in the face but the end result is the same. He isn’t going to do anything, which leaves me to make it happen. Being a single parent is a chance you take when you have a child. So I vowed not to complain and make it happen. Oh how my days have been peaceful!!

A mother to a man’s child doesn’t act belligerent because he refuses to take care of his responsibilities. My motto out of sight out of mind. Life is too short to beat up a dead horse. Don’t give him your power. When you react to his foolishness he wins, and plays it off like your tripping because you still want him. Concentrate on your children and trust you won’t even have time for anything else.


Any thoughts about the video above?? His response?? So are you still going to act 5 fools out here in these streets or remain a lady and take care of your children?? Her actions were beyond ridiculous. Remember: if another woman can have your man, he never was your man to begin with.
On that note, I am out of tea and my table is on the floor!
Like I said I vow to tell the truth because I Am Mzz Truth!!
See ya Next week!!







How is everyone today? I hope your in the mood to receive the truth! I vow to give you my honest opinion weekly. WARNING: If you do not have an open mind EXIT NOW. To the few that are still inhering around let me give you my info.

From the picture above you obviously can see that I am a mother. Yes, a mother to a healthy, active 5 year old boy. See something missing in the picture?? Missing parent? No, he didn’t take this photo. No, he isn’t…wait, wait. We will get into that next Thursday since my topic will be about Baby Mother’s. I advise everyone who is a single mother to check out my blog. I will be addressing the difference of a baby’s mother and the mother of a child. Oh you didn’t know there was difference? Just wait on it! Yes I will also address the bad seeds of the bunch. Every group has one if it is you, FIX IT JESUS!!!

On the other hand, motherhood has been very good to me. I never take it for granted. It’s a blessing that not every woman can enjoy. I think of my son as one of God’s angels. Therefore I am going to love, teach and protect him each and every day. As you can see he is my life. That’s why I give a puzzled look when asked, “what do you do for fun?”. I hang out at a park with a 5 year old. Basketball, baseball, tag, soccer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are my life. Lol. All the mother’s know that children will change every inch of your life. For example, I can remember clubbing Monday – Saturday & occasionally on Sundays. Call me old, but I really don’t have the desire to go out every night. There’s nothing like putting your child to sleep. On that note, if your baby has been at grandma’s house all weekend? Go get your baby right now! Trust the club will still be there. SMDH.

Anyways, I was born in Modesto, Ca and raised in Richmond, Ca. I currently reside in Killeen, Tx. I’ve been in Texas for a year and I really love being down south. Especially the amount of land you get when you purchase a home. I take courses online at Central Texas College. My major is Business Administration (Only because they don’t offer accounting as a major). I also am working at Burlington Coat Factory and start working part time at a daycare next week. Yes, it is a busy schedule. Hey, if I don’t make it happen who will? For those who know me, they’ll let you know that this is nothing new.

I come from a military family. Let me elaborate on that. My father hasn’t been in my life consistently, therefore my mother did what she had to do (see how the cycle continues?). She initially enlisted into the National Guard and went active duty once my brother and I got older. When I say the military has been a life saver to my family, that’s not the half. It has brought my family through some very tough times. Which is probably why I have the desire to enlist active duty myself. A way to set a foundation for my son. All I know I know is to work hard and if that doesn’t do it, WORK HARDER!.

Now that you know a little bit about me make sure you check out the other ladies in the I AM BLOG Series as well! They’ll definitely shake a couple tables as they discuss some touchy topics. We aren’t trying to gossip or belittle anyone. Just bring some issues to light.

Before I end this I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MS. BEAUTY BEYOND THE BEAT!!!!! Enjoy your day!!!

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