Update.. Career… Life… Friendships… Love… Just a quick overview of what’s new. 

Hi guys, 
It’s been a while. Oh how I’ve missed Blogging. The Ladies of I Am Bloggers have been super busy. Big things have been going on with us. Clothing Lines, Boutiques, promotions in career, Real Estate Mogul in the making. Big things I tell you. 

We just making moves; building EMPIRES!  


Y’all know that’s me in the blue right? Lol 

For me I’m still working on the line it’s popping.  

Go get your shirt at www.Iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com. I’ve moved from Chicago to Atlanta. I definitely miss it everyday but it was a career move. I told my 1SG before I got out of the Army that I was going to get a government job, and that’s exactly what I did. Received my Bachelors Degree in two years. 8 months later I was working in my dream job. Career wise things are just starting. 

But truthfully life is ummmmm complicated. I have really good days and really bad days. Most of the time I honestly feel like people who knew me prior to 2008 really don’t understand I AM NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE. I think once people understand that I won’t spend so much time trying to get them to understand that. I mean truly understanding that I honestly give ZERO you know the rest lol. Life wise well it’s just life lol 

Friendships are still as strong as ever. I still roll with the Ladies of I Am Bloggers ain’t sh*t changed. We still sh*tting on the haters. I mean it is what it is!!! We’ve even added some new people to the crew. Friends are still family. Bonds can’t be broken. 


Listen!!!! This next area ain’t no joke!!! I promise you love ain’t been no friend of mine. There’s this guy I like, super down to earth, hella cute, great guy, great father. But the way my ex’s are setup I am not mentally in a place to be anyone’s girlfriend. With an ex that pops up at my apartment when he feels like it. And an ex that sends me a good morning photo/video daily. Yea those are the kind of ex’s that I have smh. WHERE DID I FIND THESE NIGGAS!!!!!  Some times I just have to sit back and reflect on the STUPID decisions I’ve made. Love wise I just think Bish Where? Lol

 Quick update on the Ladies
Naturally DeeDee is becoming the next real estate mogul of Atlanta doing it big!!!

TripleBeez aka Beauty Beyond the Beat just got a big time promotion at her job!!! She the BOSS!!! Yall know how my crew does! 

Mzz Truth is the proud owner of Alii Calii go check her out on Facebook! Alii Calii


Anyways love bugs  I think I have gone on this rant for way too long. I’ll try to post another one next week. 
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2014 Announcements

Announcement #1

I have joined forces with a few women to create a new blogging experience for my followers. Each week we will speak on a weekly topic as well as our personal topic. This first week will be each woman introducing themselves to the audience. They will speak on who they are and their personal topics that they will speak on each week. This series is called I Am .

Each Sunday, Justice Mayrie will post the topic of the week in a short blog

Each Monday, I Am Justice Mayrie, will entertain you.

Each Tuesday, I Am Beauty Beyond the Beat, will entertain you.

Each Wednesday, I Am Diva Lady, will entertain you.

Each Thursday, I Am Mzz Truth, will entertain you.

Each Friday, I Am Naturally DeeDee, will entertain you.

Each Saturday, I Am The Fashionista, will entertain you.

Also once a week we will have a special guest details coming soon.


Announcement #2

As we all know I have been working on my T-Shirt line named I Am Justice Mayrie Clothing. If you haven’t checked it out be on the look out for things to come. Below are just a few things that you can pick up product at www.iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com  image image image image image image image


Announcement #3

I have started a new promotion company for Black Women in Business. So if you are a black women looking to promote your company through us please email us at blackwomenbusiness@yahoo.com

Follow us on IG Blackwomenbusinessnetwork

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Well thats it for announcements ya’ll know shit about to get real so lets get this thang started.

This weeks topic is Introductions. Let’s get this started ladies ya’ll ready?


Today is day one of the I Am Bloggers starting date. We are 5 females who are about to be shaking tables and introducing you to a new/old way of thinking. We may be controversial at times but you will love us.

This week’s weekly theme is introductions. So each girl will talk about themselves and a a short review of what they will talk about as far as their personal topic.

So with that being said Enjoy the Ladies of Yuniq Family, I Am Bloggers make sure you like, share, and comment.

Summer Time Love (Music Edition)


Whewwwwwww Gotta blow the dusty off of I Am Justice Mayrie I haven’t been here in a minute. Working on this degree ya’ll know im PHD bound!!! Plus with the new Blog Inspire Empower Educate (Check it out if you haven’t) things have been crazy over here. Not to mention I have 30 days to find a new apartment!!!! #THESTRUGGLE is real lol but I wanted to come thru and show some love and talk about my sumer time love!!!! With music that is lol

Here are my tops that will be played all summer long in Red Ridinghood first up is

K. Michelle V.S.O.P


“Got yo Henny chillin’ on ice” Ok I will admit that I did not like the song at first but when I seen the video I was like AYEEEEEE Lol ya’ll know im ratchet some of the times lol but the line that really got me in this song was “He supposed to be with you , That what everybody gon’ tell me, But I can’t really count on what everybody gon’ tell me, She ain’t seen her baby in a couple days, And I’m looking at my baby right up in his face” I was thats right K you better tell them mind they business lol Alot of times Women are in bad relationships and want you to be in one too. Needless to say this will be on repeat in Red this summer. If you feeling a guy this should be one for the iPod, iPhone, iPad or I guess you can play on your Droid if it dont freeze LOL

Next up Im going to stay on some Ratchet shit lol

Wale Clappers


“Shawty got a BIG OLE BUTT OH YEAHHHHHH” Definitely did not expect this from Wale to be this ratchet on a track but when this song comes on feel like Pop That by French Montana just came on lol. I know when people are in the car next to me they be like “Is her car a club” cause I act a fool LMAO plus with this RATCHET sew in my sister about to hook me up with next month imma really be acting a fool lol. This will definitely be another song that will be played if you are ever in the car with me 

Still ratchet with this next track

Don Trip Conflicted


Many people would not think that I like this song but songs like this are my secret LOVE lol this reminds me alot of Nasty Song by Lil Ru. It just makes you love it especially with lines like “I know I just smack her on her ass and her panties hit the floor” LMAO as soon as I heard that line I hit it with the AYEEEE and started the song all over again lol I don’t know why but I really like this song and I play it at full blast in the house and in the car lol. If you don’t know about him get into him he has a few other tracks that I like but this is by far my favorite.

The next song is not as ratchet but it can be lol

Here is another one by Wale Bad (Remix Featuring Rihanna)


Now  I LOVE the original version but this one takes the cake “Cause I’ve had some issue, I wont commit, not having it” lol In the beginning of the song when she lets out the sly “Cause I’ve had some issues” I know every chick got that feeling in their hearts when its that one guy that you know really likes you but you aren’t in the place to commit to them, that feeling lol That’s hard feeling and it takes a big girl in her big girl panties to tell him the real deal LOL The first part that I really like in this song is the sly release of that famous line, secondly is “(Cause I’ve had some issues) Yeah and I noticed it” Men know when  a female is broken or damaged  and real men will stay around and try to help her but a FUCK NIGGA will take advantage of that and damage her more. (Thats for another blog) The last part that I really liked was the last line of the second verse when he says “Forget it, all these bad bitches always unapologetic” I mean its true in some cases but im sure he was just referring to Rihanna’s album (which is my shit!!!) lol If you hear this coming down your Chi Town block at its loudest volume you know who it is LOL

This is my last Ratchet song lol 

Rihanna Pour It Up (Remix Featuring Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J, and T.I)


ANYTHING with JEEZY in it I automatically get my hoodrat face on LOL This isn’t in big rotation in my iPhone right now but it still gets its air time. Jeezy and T.I really made this remix everything and a great nail job LOL They gave me all kinds of life in this song Jeezy said “These bitch niggas be actin’ up, These hoes niggas be actin’ foul, They’ll grind with you, they’ll shine with you, Be pointin’ fingers off at your trial” WATCH who you let in your circle they snitching out here in these streets lol IJS its the true but thats for another blog as well. Moving on to T.I. snapping on his first line!!!! “I catch a case and I go to jail (and I still got mo money)” T.I. really didn’t need to say anything else after that, he shut it all the way down. This still gets a slight rotation when he first came out it got much more play than it does now.

OK now that I’m over my ratchetness I can give you guys some of my true love songs lol

Tamar Braxton The One


This song gave me all kinds of life when I first heard it I was back in the 90’s with the overalls and sneakers kicking it to some Biggie real talk. I LOVE IT.  Kind of fell to the bad but still a good riding down lake shore drive, windows down, breeze from the lake blowing across my face song. Its just a simple love song walking the lake front with your boo (wait why do I like this song with my single lonely ass lol) naw but for real it s a nice breezy summer time song. I love the cover she picked for this album gives it more summer time feeling. When she says “I don’t want nobody else, Baby all I need is you”  YESSSSSSSS Thats how your suppose to feel about your mate. Thats all I need to say this song is how your suppose to feel about love and the person you share it with (Again why does my lonely ass like this song) lol j/k 

Well now that I have given you guys my SUMMER TIME LOVE (Music Edition) I can officially say I have dusted off I Am Justice Mayrie LOVE you guys and I promise ill try to post on here more lol I promise pinky swear lol

Below is the video for

K. Michelle V.S.O.P.

WAIT WAIT WAIT  and yall call me Ratchet!!!!!!

Miley Cyrus making it CLAP!!!!

Guess she said Clappers to the FRONT lol

#ForTheSleepers : Knock Knock (Article by @FarFromBeingGod)

This man is speaking on a lot of things I try and get you guys to understand. I may be alittle harsh with what I’m saying maybe you will listen to a man. Wake up. I’m hard on you guys I know but it’s all in love (some of the time). Anyways check him out. I will be posting next Friday…… Topic “Why accept less than you deserve or want”. Something I am working on

#ForTheSleepers : Knock Knock (Article by @FarFromBeingGod).

Accepting Nothing Less Than You Deserve! Know Your Role!

So women we want all our man’s love and attention? You damn right but I also want to be his only girlfriend. Anytime you date someone there is a goal attached to it. There are two goals sex or a relationship.

So why are you women out her showing your ass so that he can like you? I recently seen a video (I’m going to try and post the link) where this one girl is in a room full of niggas and let’s them light her ass on fire! Like really you need that much attention?



I recently read a book titled “Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover excellent book but it covers how when a man wants you he will go through hell and high water to get you.

Listen I’m not going to sit here and bash female…. Wait yes I am because some of y’all do the dumbest shit!

Example: I have a friend who wants a relationship and I can understand shit I want one too. The difference between her and I is I don’t date men who show signs of only wanting sex. She will stay with a dude who disrespects her, dogs her out and sleep with her. Now if it were me I would have left his ass at the disrespect.

I don’t accept anything a man throws my way. (No matter what my ex best friend says or thinks) I am one of the pickiest people to try and holla at. Lol but in everything I do I know my role or place.

Never let a man disrespect you and then lay in your bed that’s just makes you look stupid. Next topic

There are three roles you can play in a mans life (4 but 2 are almost the same so ill add them together)

Wife/ Main Girlfriend – this is the woman he takes home to momma. The woman that he introduces are ‘My Wife’ or ‘My Girlfriend’. She cooks all his meals. And in a perfect situation she is the only one to have his children. If we are speaking about the wife she holds all the control in any conversation. 9 times out of 10 they live in the same home. So he sleeps I that bed daily.

Sideline Chick – this woman in some cases doesn’t know her position. I would say 9 out of 10 of these women are doing wife duties but sleeping alone. She cooks he doesn’t show up. She asks to meet family and friends he makes up an excuse. He always wraps up (Even tho I make men wrap up). She only gets conversation during work hours or booty call hours. She has not place to speak to him about what he does. She has no right to approach the Wife or Main.

The Female Friend – Now this female has been that man’s friend from day 1. Nothing sexual has ever happened. She is just a friend nothing more nothing less. She feeds him on occasions they exchange gifts on holidays and birthday. She is the one that listens to him as he complains about his Wife, girlfriend or side chick. She gives him advice on what those women are thinking about.

Those are your 3 roles. That can go for men and women (just change the sex)

Now if your a wife like my cousin Jasmine or my Battle Buddie’s wife Ashley. You don’t do your husband having that female friend. I mean I can understand them. And I know that they trust their husbands, it’s the women they do not trust. Which is understandable.

Some of these side lines could care less about your wife. I have a friend I will not name but her motto is “If I don’t know his wife and she’s not my friend. I don’t care about his wife’ that’s not my style but hey to each his other own. I’m not gone lie this type of side line chick is the worst possible. Only because she knows her place, she knows when and where to do any and everything.

Anyways she knows she’s my bitch no matter what so as long as I know she won’t be getting at mines we good.

Why do we assume things?

So this past weekend I was watching BLACK INK CREW, the receptionist decided that she liked one of the tattoo artist. So after the fashion shop that 2 other employees walked in she decided to sleep with him. When the previews for the following episode came on at the end it showed him flirting with another female. She seen this and got jealous. So this young lady decided that she needed to have a conversation with him. During this conversation, she decided to tell this man that they were together. The expression on this young mans face was truly priceless. But this happens so often in this society.

Women feel like because have decided to sleep with this young man that makes them automatically in a relationship. I am one of those females. The difference between me and most females is that I tell the dude. “Look Nigga if we fuck you belong to me” end of story and that’s lets him know if you still want to go down this street just know what you are getting yourself into.

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. How are you in your mind to your friends this is your boyfriend, but you never had that conversation with him? It kills me when a female says ‘Niggas ain’t shit’! How? Here are 3 reasons that we as women 90% of the time do it to ourselves.

Number 1, we meet these men and the next day that is our significant other. Bitch please you don’t even know this man. Every woman is guilty of this at one time or another in their life. I was always told claim your blessings but that man is not your blessing. Take your time and get to know him. I’ve loved my first love since the first day I met him at SUMMEROUR MIDDLE SCHOOL. And I bet you all the money ill ever make in my life he doesn’t even know he was my first love. Mind you we haven’t dated since 1998 and we are still in communication with each other to this day. But I bet his is probably reading this right now thinking “I know Nikki not talking about me?” I said that to say get to know these men. I have never opened my legs for this man! But I know him: his goods, his bad and his ugly.

Number 2, stop sleeping with these men on the first night. I have spoke on this before. Know his last name. Know his family. Damn know how old he is. Since I’ve spoken on this before I won’t say too much. But anytime you sleep with a man and you can’t tell people what the father of your child’s name is, you have an issue get you life boo.

Last but not least, number 3, we don’t have a friendship with someone that we call our mate. In my opinion you must have a healthy friendship to have a healthy relationship. How can you truly love someone and not have a friendship with them? If you ask couples who have been married for 30+ years they will tell you that they married their best FRIEND!

I’ll leave you guys with one story, I have only truly loved 2 men besides my Father, Step Father, Grand Father, Great Grand Father, and my Little Brother. But I have been friends with one for 18 years and the second one for 8 years. Before you go around giving these men the world know them first.

Just to clarify I have cried over many men but only two have truly held the key to my heart. Ladies be selective.

Relationships (Letting Go and Rebuilding)

So I received a topic for today’s blog, but I decided to expand beyond that aspect of relationships.

In relationships both sides of the situation make things difficult. 90% of the time that a relationship doesn’t work is because one person is holding on to the past. Understand that what happens in your past makes you who you are today, but it should not control our future. So here are a few reasons that a lot of my relationships did not work. Hopefully this will help men and women get past the past.

The #1 reason I have is that I am constantly living in the past. In the beginning I was living in the past because of the happiness if had brought me, but in recent relationships I have been living with a more hurtful past. What I’ve learned is that I have to let that go to move forward. Nothing in your past should control your future. And since I plan on marrying very soon well not too soon I gotta meet him first this is something I’m spending a lot of time working on. Women sometimes we let men of our past control our future we gotta let him go!!

Reason #2 is not something I have an issue with doing, I just have an issue of dealing with it. Cheaters!! Plain and simple I don’t care for them. Men and Women do it too often. Women are disrespectful with it. Women will have their sideline dude in their man’s house. BITCH you don’t pay no bills in that mutha fucker! Women will have parties at their homes and have 2 to 3 men that they are sleeping with at the party. That’s some disrespectful shit! Let me make this clear DISRESPECTFUL ASS HOES make it very hard for RESPECTABLE WOMEN like myself. How dare you treat that man like he is nothing to you? If he is nothing to you then why do you deal with him? In my opinion women cheat on the good ones that treat them like the world to deal with Jody who living with his girl and fucking her on the side. Which leads me to these, NO GOOD DISRESPECTFUL ASS MEN, men cheat because they can. Because they see an attractive female and decide that one female isn’t good enough for them. One of my Ex’s told me that the reason he is with his current chick but still be in my text messages is because he has too much of himself invested into her! What kind of line do you think that is? Nigga you not fooling anyone with these lies! Sorry I got off track but men think these lines work because some women are insecure and will accept that! Not Justice Mayrie aka NIQUITA MARIE CALVIN! Not over here.

Another issue in relationships are liars, I’m waiting for a real man to approach me and tell me what he wants. I want him to be like “Look I like you but all I want to do is FUCK” I would respect you more if you did than if you said “You know im trying to be your man” O_o nigga please. Not saying I’d accept it and sleep with you just saying you’d get more respect. Men if you are still involved with the mother of your child don’t say you’re not. Listen your BABY MOMMA GONE TELL US!!! Once she finds out about the new chick, she is going to do everything in her power to get you busted. Just be upfront with us, let us decide if we want to deal with you. I hate for a man to decide my future! Women if you still dealing with your baby daddy and you know he got a new girl you one of those DISRESPECTFUL ASS HOES! Yes you are the mother of his child but he got a new chick.

Ok before I start naming names lets move on lol

Women we have to learn to respect ourselves and not just accept whatever a man gives us. Women there is a way you are supposed to carry yourself. Being half-naked will always lead to that man fucking and leaving. You don’t have to take it back to the 1920’s but leave something for him to wonder about. Another thing stop sleeping with these men on the first day/date! That’s not cute. It makes you look bad. When I was in California we had a saying “5th and Barstow, during PT hours” It just meant it could get it in the middle of a crowded place and we wouldn’t care who watched. NONE of us would really have done that but we said it. Sometimes it gave off the wrong impression about us, with that being sad anyone who knows me knows I will curse you out in a second and my crew is mostly constructed of similar females lol

Women lets stop being such a jealous creature. We are jealous of the next female and what she has that we can’t even look at ourselves and see all the great qualities that we have in ourselves. (This is another feature of myself that I had to get rid of.) I learned over the past 3 years that looking at myself in the mirror can sometimes show you things you don’t want to see. Well ladies with that being said sometimes we need to see the things that we hide from.

Moving on cause a lot of women hit that X in the top right corner of screen lol. Men you have a jealousy trait that is not attractive. Yours is a bit different you tend to be jealous of what a man has. Mostly I see this in the men who are not trying to better themselves. They living in the world where everyone owes them something. Well that dude you hating on went out there and worked for what they has. They HUSTLED and not in the ILLEGAL way. I see this mostly when an educated black man has something going for themselves. How about you get out there and work for it. Nothing good comes to those who rush.

Now that I have the women’s attention back lets talk about the type of men we tend to flock to. The gold diggers always flock to the Ball Players, Rappers, Singers. Yes they will fuck you pay your bills but he definitely not marrying you! He knows what your after, his money, and he knows once the money is gone so are you. The hood chicks tend to flock to the Street Ballers you know the ones that will never leave the hood because that’s where the money is! Those are the men that beat, cheat and abuse you in all kinds of ways. Now let’s get down to the group of men that I want my husband to fall into. That educated man, that wasn’t on the streets, he was in the books and empowering himself to be able to go up against evils that most of our generation is not prepared to handle. I can name a few men in this category but I wont you real women know the type. I mean the OBAMA type of man!  I say a lot that im MARRYING MARCUS MORRIS (If you don’t know who that is google him) Yes he is very very attractive but im not marrying that man I don’t even know him.  I need to know his qualities. He may be a hood nigga with a nice body O_o not going for it. Whats in his head? What are his goals in the future? These are the questions you need to ask them before you lay down with them. I say have at least 4 dates before you even invite him into your home. That’s just me and you don’t have to listen.

Men you have to up your standards as well. Stop going for these women who have no aspiration in life. Ask her what are her goals? Where does she see herself in 5 Years? 10 Years? shit ask them where they see themselves in 1 Year? Most of the younger generation of women aren’t living in the future they are all about right now. Well look if that’s what you want for the rest of your life then hey that’s cool with me just ask yourself if where you are today is that where you want your children to inspire to be? 90% of children inspire to be just like their parents!!


Anyways I’ve said my peace hey if anyone knows Marcus Morris tell him holla at your girl! Lets see what the future holds! LOL