2014 Announcements

Announcement #1

I have joined forces with a few women to create a new blogging experience for my followers. Each week we will speak on a weekly topic as well as our personal topic. This first week will be each woman introducing themselves to the audience. They will speak on who they are and their personal topics that they will speak on each week. This series is called I Am .

Each Sunday, Justice Mayrie will post the topic of the week in a short blog

Each Monday, I Am Justice Mayrie, will entertain you.

Each Tuesday, I Am Beauty Beyond the Beat, will entertain you.

Each Wednesday, I Am Diva Lady, will entertain you.

Each Thursday, I Am Mzz Truth, will entertain you.

Each Friday, I Am Naturally DeeDee, will entertain you.

Each Saturday, I Am The Fashionista, will entertain you.

Also once a week we will have a special guest details coming soon.


Announcement #2

As we all know I have been working on my T-Shirt line named I Am Justice Mayrie Clothing. If you haven’t checked it out be on the look out for things to come. Below are just a few things that you can pick up product at www.iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com  image image image image image image image


Announcement #3

I have started a new promotion company for Black Women in Business. So if you are a black women looking to promote your company through us please email us at blackwomenbusiness@yahoo.com

Follow us on IG Blackwomenbusinessnetwork

and on Twitter Blackwomenbusin


Well thats it for announcements ya’ll know shit about to get real so lets get this thang started.

This weeks topic is Introductions. Let’s get this started ladies ya’ll ready?


Today is day one of the I Am Bloggers starting date. We are 5 females who are about to be shaking tables and introducing you to a new/old way of thinking. We may be controversial at times but you will love us.

This week’s weekly theme is introductions. So each girl will talk about themselves and a a short review of what they will talk about as far as their personal topic.

So with that being said Enjoy the Ladies of Yuniq Family, I Am Bloggers make sure you like, share, and comment.


Summer Time Love (Music Edition)


Whewwwwwww Gotta blow the dusty off of I Am Justice Mayrie I haven’t been here in a minute. Working on this degree ya’ll know im PHD bound!!! Plus with the new Blog Inspire Empower Educate (Check it out if you haven’t) things have been crazy over here. Not to mention I have 30 days to find a new apartment!!!! #THESTRUGGLE is real lol but I wanted to come thru and show some love and talk about my sumer time love!!!! With music that is lol

Here are my tops that will be played all summer long in Red Ridinghood first up is

K. Michelle V.S.O.P


“Got yo Henny chillin’ on ice” Ok I will admit that I did not like the song at first but when I seen the video I was like AYEEEEEE Lol ya’ll know im ratchet some of the times lol but the line that really got me in this song was “He supposed to be with you , That what everybody gon’ tell me, But I can’t really count on what everybody gon’ tell me, She ain’t seen her baby in a couple days, And I’m looking at my baby right up in his face” I was thats right K you better tell them mind they business lol Alot of times Women are in bad relationships and want you to be in one too. Needless to say this will be on repeat in Red this summer. If you feeling a guy this should be one for the iPod, iPhone, iPad or I guess you can play on your Droid if it dont freeze LOL

Next up Im going to stay on some Ratchet shit lol

Wale Clappers


“Shawty got a BIG OLE BUTT OH YEAHHHHHH” Definitely did not expect this from Wale to be this ratchet on a track but when this song comes on feel like Pop That by French Montana just came on lol. I know when people are in the car next to me they be like “Is her car a club” cause I act a fool LMAO plus with this RATCHET sew in my sister about to hook me up with next month imma really be acting a fool lol. This will definitely be another song that will be played if you are ever in the car with me 

Still ratchet with this next track

Don Trip Conflicted


Many people would not think that I like this song but songs like this are my secret LOVE lol this reminds me alot of Nasty Song by Lil Ru. It just makes you love it especially with lines like “I know I just smack her on her ass and her panties hit the floor” LMAO as soon as I heard that line I hit it with the AYEEEE and started the song all over again lol I don’t know why but I really like this song and I play it at full blast in the house and in the car lol. If you don’t know about him get into him he has a few other tracks that I like but this is by far my favorite.

The next song is not as ratchet but it can be lol

Here is another one by Wale Bad (Remix Featuring Rihanna)


Now  I LOVE the original version but this one takes the cake “Cause I’ve had some issue, I wont commit, not having it” lol In the beginning of the song when she lets out the sly “Cause I’ve had some issues” I know every chick got that feeling in their hearts when its that one guy that you know really likes you but you aren’t in the place to commit to them, that feeling lol That’s hard feeling and it takes a big girl in her big girl panties to tell him the real deal LOL The first part that I really like in this song is the sly release of that famous line, secondly is “(Cause I’ve had some issues) Yeah and I noticed it” Men know when  a female is broken or damaged  and real men will stay around and try to help her but a FUCK NIGGA will take advantage of that and damage her more. (Thats for another blog) The last part that I really liked was the last line of the second verse when he says “Forget it, all these bad bitches always unapologetic” I mean its true in some cases but im sure he was just referring to Rihanna’s album (which is my shit!!!) lol If you hear this coming down your Chi Town block at its loudest volume you know who it is LOL

This is my last Ratchet song lol 

Rihanna Pour It Up (Remix Featuring Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J, and T.I)


ANYTHING with JEEZY in it I automatically get my hoodrat face on LOL This isn’t in big rotation in my iPhone right now but it still gets its air time. Jeezy and T.I really made this remix everything and a great nail job LOL They gave me all kinds of life in this song Jeezy said “These bitch niggas be actin’ up, These hoes niggas be actin’ foul, They’ll grind with you, they’ll shine with you, Be pointin’ fingers off at your trial” WATCH who you let in your circle they snitching out here in these streets lol IJS its the true but thats for another blog as well. Moving on to T.I. snapping on his first line!!!! “I catch a case and I go to jail (and I still got mo money)” T.I. really didn’t need to say anything else after that, he shut it all the way down. This still gets a slight rotation when he first came out it got much more play than it does now.

OK now that I’m over my ratchetness I can give you guys some of my true love songs lol

Tamar Braxton The One


This song gave me all kinds of life when I first heard it I was back in the 90’s with the overalls and sneakers kicking it to some Biggie real talk. I LOVE IT.  Kind of fell to the bad but still a good riding down lake shore drive, windows down, breeze from the lake blowing across my face song. Its just a simple love song walking the lake front with your boo (wait why do I like this song with my single lonely ass lol) naw but for real it s a nice breezy summer time song. I love the cover she picked for this album gives it more summer time feeling. When she says “I don’t want nobody else, Baby all I need is you”  YESSSSSSSS Thats how your suppose to feel about your mate. Thats all I need to say this song is how your suppose to feel about love and the person you share it with (Again why does my lonely ass like this song) lol j/k 

Well now that I have given you guys my SUMMER TIME LOVE (Music Edition) I can officially say I have dusted off I Am Justice Mayrie LOVE you guys and I promise ill try to post on here more lol I promise pinky swear lol

Below is the video for

K. Michelle V.S.O.P.

WAIT WAIT WAIT  and yall call me Ratchet!!!!!!

Miley Cyrus making it CLAP!!!!

Guess she said Clappers to the FRONT lol