2014 Announcements

Announcement #1

I have joined forces with a few women to create a new blogging experience for my followers. Each week we will speak on a weekly topic as well as our personal topic. This first week will be each woman introducing themselves to the audience. They will speak on who they are and their personal topics that they will speak on each week. This series is called I Am .

Each Sunday, Justice Mayrie will post the topic of the week in a short blog

Each Monday, I Am Justice Mayrie, will entertain you.

Each Tuesday, I Am Beauty Beyond the Beat, will entertain you.

Each Wednesday, I Am Diva Lady, will entertain you.

Each Thursday, I Am Mzz Truth, will entertain you.

Each Friday, I Am Naturally DeeDee, will entertain you.

Each Saturday, I Am The Fashionista, will entertain you.

Also once a week we will have a special guest details coming soon.


Announcement #2

As we all know I have been working on my T-Shirt line named I Am Justice Mayrie Clothing. If you haven’t checked it out be on the look out for things to come. Below are just a few things that you can pick up product at www.iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com  image image image image image image image


Announcement #3

I have started a new promotion company for Black Women in Business. So if you are a black women looking to promote your company through us please email us at blackwomenbusiness@yahoo.com

Follow us on IG Blackwomenbusinessnetwork

and on Twitter Blackwomenbusin


Well thats it for announcements ya’ll know shit about to get real so lets get this thang started.

This weeks topic is Introductions. Let’s get this started ladies ya’ll ready?


Today is day one of the I Am Bloggers starting date. We are 5 females who are about to be shaking tables and introducing you to a new/old way of thinking. We may be controversial at times but you will love us.

This week’s weekly theme is introductions. So each girl will talk about themselves and a a short review of what they will talk about as far as their personal topic.

So with that being said Enjoy the Ladies of Yuniq Family, I Am Bloggers make sure you like, share, and comment.


My First Trip To Detroit!!!!!!!

Yesterday April 20th, 2013 I stepped into Detroit for the first time in 31 years.

Chanel Domonique and Krissy both CEO’s of Detroit Supports Detroit are really doing major things to uplift Detroit. This event:


was created by them and Nikki CEO of iRockout Apparel & Accessories “to give local designers who don’t currently have stores to have a store for a day” – Chanel Domonique.


After taking a 4 and a half hour drive I met Chanel at her booth inside L.A.X Downtown Detroit. Walking into L.A.X I was pleasantly pleased with the set up of the event. Im not big on design so Im not about to bore you with the details but it was very very nice. (Ya’ll know me lol) After meeting Chanel, Krissy and Nikki I walked around to every booth and met with each vendor personally first.

I then made a second go around to each vendor to ask them a few questions about them and their business. I must apologize now 2 of my interviews were deleted but I definitely will still talk about you and your business I just will not be able to quote you I am SO SORRY 😦


My first stop was Ms. Syreeta of Glamorous Boutique. Loved her I got pair of LOVELY purple earrings (yes I said purple she didn’t have pink lol) Glamorous Boutique offers apparel and accessories you can contact her online thru her personal website http://www.glamorboutique.cartel.com, Instagram Glamorous__boutiqe, email: glamorousboutiqueonline@yahoo.com or by phone (313) 978- 8558 (I am so sorry I lost yours 😦 im really upset about that too)


My next stop was too my VERY VAIN Detroit Sister Erin (I so hope that is how you spell it lol) from Vain Studios with her clothing line U 2 Can Be Vain. She started with selling the Brazilian Butt Lift pants. I asked her what made her get into selling them she said “I liked the jeans and in order for me to get one pair I had to order dozens and dozens” Girls like having booties huh? If they pay for the surgery they can have one of my butt cheeks and ill split the other one to cover I dont need all this LMFAO (No but im serious *Sraight face*). She is currently working towards getting her non profit organization off the ground it “helps young girls boost their self esteem to know that they are VAIN within themselves.” Her advice to the younger generation is “Whatever you do just be confident know that your vain no matter the shape, size, color where you came from just know that you are VAIN and that you are beautiful.” I really enjoyed meeting you boo and I definitely forgot to come back around and get my Tshirt!! (Blame my mind not my heart ill be back soon!) Check her out in Greenfield Plaza 21700 Greenfield Rd Set. 221 Oak Park, MI (248) 379-9961 Online http://www.You2canbevain.com Instagram u2canbevain Facebook Vanity Enterprisesllc


Next I met DJBJ/3525 of 3525 Entertainment, (first of all let me tell yall how SCRUMPTIOUS DJBJ was looking JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL, HOLD MY MULE Patty Duke HELP lol) He started as a local DJ in Detroit looking for a way to market himself he took DJBJ and turned it to numbers how he came up with the 3525. He says that during his research he learned that people tend to like things that they don’t know about. He uses the named built to show the younger generation that anything is possible and to stay positive. The advice he gives to the younger generation is to start young “Branding yourself does not come overnight”. Make sure ya’ll check out the Sexy DJBJ/3525 this Friday on 106 and Park also check his site out http://www.djbj3525.com. I want you to know that your cards do not help with contacting you! But I popped my tag tho lol


So I got the info lol


Next I met AP the Absolute Princess of Hot 107.5 and also Crown Clothing Ink, She gotten into clothing through branding herself and getting her name out in the streets. She started with Crew necks for men and women and now is branching into T-shirts. Although Black and White is the colors that are mostly featured you can order in any color (I’m coming for a Grey 0n Pink and a Pink on Grey lol). She gave me a little EXCLUSIVE but I think her and I should set up another interview to release that news at a later date lol. (yup I’m scheduling my next interview already lol) Her advice to the younger generation is “Never let a NO stop you”. Check my girl out on Instagram APbytheway I also found out that she is a member out #TeamAries!!! lol


My next stop was dessert HEAVEN!! I met Paige of Let Them Eat Cake Detroit. Specializing in cake pops, cheesecakes, and any sweets. She got into the business because she baked as a hobby and people were always asking her to cater events. To help her community so volunteers to clean up the neighborhood on occasions. Her advice to the younger generation is “Not to give up because in the beginning it is very difficult.” Check Paige out if your in Detroit give her a call at (313) 909-3166 or email at letthemeatcakedetroit@gmail.com


I then met ShaToya of Stress Free With Me LLC. Her company specialized in Massages body wraps, detox, and things of that nature. She got into the industry because she is searching to find ways to help people and change lives inside and out. In her community she helps people get information about things such as getting back in school and networking. Her advice to the younger generations is “Go for it! You have to start with a vision.” Check ShaToya out at http://www.stressfreewithme.com, or contact her at (313)918-4223 or stressfreewithme2@gmail.com


Now Ebony (I pray that you spell it like that 😦 lol ) of Pure Strands and The Tax Place. She started off with Taxes going from 40 clients to over 1,200 clients a year. (Now thats a BOSS move). But she realized that Tax Season is 4 months and year and if your not a good budgeter its kind of hard to maintain finances through the rest of the year. She then moved on to the hair industry, being that weave is a growing market (ya’ll know I love my weave and her hair is of great quality). So she took a risk and its showing to be something great. With her Tax company she does Turkey giveaways and food giveaways for the communities. Her non Profit Organization A Black World Organization reaches out to families that have lost their homes to arson. Families are losing everything and are getting a one night voucher. Her Non Profits helps families with a start to getting back on their feet. Contact y Girl at http://www.shoppurestrands.com (313) 673-5593 25140 Lahser Rd Suite 202 Southfield, MI Instagram Thepurestrands


Next I hit up My girl Nikki at her booth with iRockout Apparel and Accessories. Her company offers apparel and accessories ranging from Tshirts, sweatshirts, bracelets, hats, ETC. She got into the industry because she loves fashion and wanted to get into a movement of branding herself. She has a Non Profit Organization in Atlanta (ATL HOE! lol I had to do it) called Anonymous Hands it works with abused adults and children. Her advice to the younger generation is to “Stay true to yourself … everything will fall into place if you put your heart and soul into it”. Check out my girl Nikki at iRockout.bigcartel.com and on Instagram iRockoutapparel


Next I met Alana with Bold Boutique. Her company offers Women’s accessories and clothing starting from x small all the way up to 3 XL. She got into the industry because she a passion for it and she’s a people person. She’s always wanted her own clothing store. So she took a step out on faith and did it. She is doing the DAMN THANG BABY!!! She is also a party promotor she is the CEO of City Girls Entertainment, she also works with K Deezy (King of Detroit from what I’ve heard) with his promotions. All while volunteering with her sons football team. Her advice to the younger  generation is “Dont give up pray and have faith in  yourself” Check out Bold Boutique if your in Detroit at 21600 Greenfield Rd. Suite 201 Oak Park, MI call (313) 926-986 Or email boldboutique1@gmail.com or on Instagram Bold_Boutique


Next up I met the Teddy Bear of AYV Clothing Systems Koolade (He was one of the people who showed me hella love). They offer the cutting edge fashion and some of the flyest gear around. He got into the industry because he had a shopping problem (ME TOO!) lol While he was web searching he found a company that manufactured clothes so he said “im going to try” this. He then made some Tshirts up and they sold like hotcakes. The rest you can say s history. In the community his company does fundraising events and nightlife events. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month they take the line and turn PINK (Ya’ll know I got excited lol) and then donate to  Susan G. Koman. Also during the summer in Midtown Detroit his company throws a BBQ for the homeless. (FOOD!! IM there just hit me with details! lol My greedy butt) His advice to the younger generation is “Never let anything discourage you because anything worth having is worth working hard for.” Check out Koolade at http://www.AYVworldwide.com or on instagram Koolade_ayv


The next Booth that I had the pleasure of visiting was Bob’s Classic Kicks with Antonio. (I am still trying to figure out why AP the Absolute Princess decided to get on the mic while I was doing my interview with Antonio lol) His company is a sneaker store in Midtown Detroit offering Nike, Reebok and Adidas. They sell classic and new sneakers. They also offer local designers in the shop as well as the Bob’s store brand. They got into the business because him and his partner Jason were both Sneakerheads. They felt like there was a market for it. There is no privately owned sneaker boutique in Detroit. In the community, they host an event each month called The Air Up There. It is a hip hop showcase which showcases local talent. Also if you are a high school student in Detroit with a GPA of 3.0 and higher you can intern with Bob’s Classic Kick to learn how to run a business. His advice to the younger generation is “Do It! It’s nothing to it but to do it.” If your in Detroit go check Bob’s Classic Kicks out at 4717 Woodward Ave contact them at (313) 832-7513 or on instagram bck_detroit


I met with Denthea of AuChante Special Events Group. Her company offers full coordinating services at all events including weddings, Receptions, Bridal Showers, Adult Birthday Parties and Children’s birthday Parties. She got into the industry because she has always had an eye for it and a passion for it and she decided to go for it. Her advice to the younger generation is “do it don’t let anything hold you back”  If you need and event done please hit Denthea up at (866) 325-1707 OR EMAIL her at auchanteevents@gmail.com


I turned around and walked into PURSE HEAVEN with Mrs. Chase at Shop & Smile. Her company offers clothing, jewelry, body jewelry, purses and accessories. She got into the industry trying to find a better way to live. She works for children’s hospital, and have been for 22 years. Her advice to the younger generations is “if you put your mind to it you can do it.” If you are looking for new handbags hit my girl up (313) 573- 4478. When Im in Detroit I will be coming for a few black purses.


My Last stop of the day was my girls Chanel Domonique and Krissy with Detroit Supports Detroit. Their company offers clothing as well as working with artist of types helping them get their career into the next gear. THey have started helping up and coming designers and business owners get buzz going about their companies. They got into this industry by being party promotors and talent management company. They found that there was a missing piece which was their own city supporting each other. They are working with high school seniors with mentoring and guiding them into the right direction. Their advice to the younger generation is “Never give up keep pushing …. you can do anything you put your mind to.” One thing that Chanel Domonique said is she does not agree with is the “I support who supports me” phase going around because you never know who supports you until you start supporting them. Make sure ya’ll check out my girls at http://www.detroitsupportdetroit.com (313) 338-9860 or email at detroitd313@gmail.com. Also on Instagram Chaneldomonique


I will leave you with one last thing, during this event I met a few people who actually changed my life and my out look on life. The main advice for today was to JUST DO IT and NEVER GIVE UP. No one can stop you from getting your dreams except you. Don’t sleep on life.





Once again I apologize to the last 6 vendors for WordPress acting crazy after my first post and deleting what I originally posted.



Going Natural , Busting it open day 1 and the 90 day rule, Education and more

Hello to the few followers that I have glad you guys decided to come back. Well its been about 3 weeks so this blog will be a little lengthy, I apologize in advance. Links for any product videos and more that I speak on in this blog will be at the end of the blog

The first thing I want to talk about is this Natural vs Relaxed hair. OK in my opinion I feel Natural is better (Although I am not natural, my hair funny) lol I would love to not get a perm but when my hair get to getting that Tia and Tamara curly I straight hit up Motions with the quick fix. I have learned that it is easier for me if I wear weave and let it grow to the point of ponytail status to keep the natural look longer. Thanks to the best GMA in the world I now own a pair of the best flat irons known to man CHI!!! Two of my Best Friends have been trying to get me to go Natural so guess what I’m going to give this one more shot!! If this doesn’t work Shentera and Dionne you guys must never speak to me on going Natural again lol I have been doing some research and I think that my hair type is more likely 3C or 4A we shall she soon. I have not had a perm since I got that bogus cut which was may so no perm in 5 months that’s good for me lol. Been doing some research (Youtube LOL) found a video of products for my hair and I’m sure Dionne will help me find more products. Wish me luck. 

OK my next two topics go together in a way. Busting it open too fast and the 90 day rule. OK I do feel there is a too early moment of busting it open… wait wait wait let me be more specific WOMEN there is a moment in time where it was too early for you to have sex with that man. Don’t get me wrong men are hoes too but as much as we would like to not admit it there is a double standard. I have a lot of male friends who are HOES, and when they tell me that they slept with a chick on the first night my first thought is “SHE A HOE” I know I know its wrong but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I also feel like there is not time limit on when you will give up the Nunny! 90 days 45 days 22.5 days 11 days or if you really that chick 365 days. Look when it happens it happens. Lets just say it like this I feel like its too early if you don’t even know his name END OF STORY POINT BLANK PERIOD moving on.

 OK my next topic is Education. This is a big one for me I don’t know why but for some reason I am attracted to a man with an education. Its just something about him. And I’m not talking high school education I’m talking about BA, Masters, PHD that is just a wonderful thing. Sooooo with that being said is it far that I don’t give a man a chance 90% of the time if he doesn’t have his degree? Umm no because come May 2013 I will have my BA and be working towards my Masters in Education. Now if the man is in school like myself he might have a chance. With that being said part I must said this NOT EVERY MAN IS THE LAST DUDE YOU DEALT WITH meaning just because the last man FUCKED you over doesn’t mean the next one will so be willing to give him a chance (thats my 10% of men with out an education). I will say this if a man is not University educated doesn’t mean he is stupid. The one guy that I can think of at the moment who would be an example of that is Wale. He dropped out of college but he is very educated.Just to give you something to think about.

and NEXT giving someone a chance after you have been hurt. This is a hard thing for me to do, being that in the past 3 years I have had a few men tear my esteem apart. That forced me to not want to give a man a chance. It has gotta so bad that when me try and talk to me I really ignore 99% of the things coming out of there mouth and say “I’m good” and “No Thank You”. Later I think what if I had given him the chance would he be the one for me? My mother tells me “That just means that GOD was showing you that he wasn’t worth your time” This may be true but I cant forever live in my past. So if you are living in your past maybe think outside of the box. I think maybe what I thought was my type isn’t what I need. My sister Courtney put a status up on Facebook yesterday saying that she found her soulmate in someone that wasn’t her type. I feel she found her soulmate because she step outside of her comfort zone and took a leap towards faith. Her relationship with her husband has me dying laughing at times because they can both be silly as ever. Nothing against her relationship but this is not always the case. I have a really close friend/sister who is going through a separation right now and I would have never thought that they would not make it. The love that I seen between the two of them from day one of me meeting them was the love that I was looking forward to having with my husband someday. Sad to see such a wonderful love go on a downward spiral. ( I pray she doesn’t get upset with me saying that I love her and her family and would never want her to think otherwise. It just shocked me to hear about the troubles that they were having or shall I say had)

Moving past that sad topic (lonely yes I am lol) on to much brighter topic to me fashion lol there are a few products and sites that I would like to talk about. First up is my makeup obsession. First for foundation I have two products that I swear by Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H and Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free 11 Honey. They both are wonderful for giving you the natural look almost no make up look. Next I use anything on my eyes but Keyshia Kaoir has a line of shadow that seems to work well with blending. Also Mary K has a great line of shadows!!! Concealers I hate to say this and everyone knows I hate to say it but M.A.C has a great concealer works wonders UGH i’m going to be so upset when I run out and am forced to give M.A.C some of my money. I am not a Blush person so I can’t give you input on that. Lips my favorite part lol of course Keyshia Kaoir everyone knows I love her lipstick and now the Glitzsticks to help enhance the pop of the colors that she already has. I also love Lancome’s colors the brightness of it does something to my soul lol. Moving on to accessories I love Lena and her Sleeve Jewelry LOVE LOVE LOVE her. Also the site Little Black Bag is great for accessories of all kinds (Thanks Caridad the the suggestion). Next clothing, I have a few friends who are actually doing big things in the fashion industry. First my long time friend Candi Pye and her line are doing big things at EnvyATL, Terry Barnes and his CALI line (IDK why but hey im a Cali girl now who would have thought Lol), Terrance Ball and his tballtee’s doing big things, Kay The Bag Lady has HOT hand made jewelry. Umm I think thats about it for friends who do fashion. If you are a heavy girl like myself I love TORRID they doing it big for the big girl. Classy and stylish are both in that store LOVE IT.

Ok I think I have talked your heads off enough this week! This is what I get for taking a few weeks off on my blog. Listed below will be the links and websites to go with everything Ive talked about today 

 Natural Hair





90 Day Rule


Makeup and Fashion











So today I walked out of my house and thought hell had froze over! It’s not even winter yet and I’m freezing. Normally I don’t even wear anything thank God I brought my hoodie out of the house.

What am I going to do? Im not going to make this winter if it’s not even winter yet and I’m dying!

I really need to go find myself a coat!!! Well I just had to post this because I thought I died when I walked out of the house today!


My life is complicated prior to December 27th, 2011 I was a proud Army Soldier! On that day in 2011 I became a proud veteran. I never knew what that meant until I got out there in the world and put on my big girl panties. I am now living in Chicago, IL. A place where I haven’t lived in 8 years. It’s like starting over in the world. I know or I chose to know very little people here. Sometimes that is a blessing but some times that can be a harsh world.

Wait let me step back because I think I am getting alittle ahead of myself a lot of you don’t even know who I am. Well hell I hardly know who am I so maybe we can figure this out along the way. I will let you in on this I am a 30 year old single female, no kids, hey I barely have a life so I dont need a child to complicate things even more. Those are the basics about me. OH wait there is one detail but I shall keep that for the end.

I moved to Chicago in March of 2012, I lived with my Aunt until August 1st when I moved into my own apartment. I am currently a student at Chicago State University, I am a Music Education major in my Junior Year. Although sometimes I think is this really the major for me? Guess we will see.

I live on the south side of Chicago but you would never know because I never leave my apartment. Sad I know lol Well im living this life by choice I could get out and meet people but that would increase my circle to numbers that I dont know if Im socially ready for.

Although the military scarred me a little socially I met some wonderful friends during the process that helped me in those situations. I love those people more than they know. Even if we speak very little now I still hold them dear to my heart. As you can tell by this video I made right before getting out of the military http://youtu.be/bM3JNWmjJfE (Hopefully that posted right, kind of new to this lol)

I know that this blog has been all over the place but thats mostly because right now in my life im all over the place. But the people in my life that love me know this already and they still choose to love me or tell people that they know me lol

Well with that I am signing off although my birth name is Niquita Marie Calvin right now Im just Justice ( this is my Nom de plume) and at this point in my life I am a letter or shall I say book in the making! Love me or hate me either way im still me