Update.. Career… Life… Friendships… Love… Just a quick overview of what’s new. 

Hi guys, 
It’s been a while. Oh how I’ve missed Blogging. The Ladies of I Am Bloggers have been super busy. Big things have been going on with us. Clothing Lines, Boutiques, promotions in career, Real Estate Mogul in the making. Big things I tell you. 

We just making moves; building EMPIRES!  


Y’all know that’s me in the blue right? Lol 

For me I’m still working on the line it’s popping.  

Go get your shirt at www.Iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com. I’ve moved from Chicago to Atlanta. I definitely miss it everyday but it was a career move. I told my 1SG before I got out of the Army that I was going to get a government job, and that’s exactly what I did. Received my Bachelors Degree in two years. 8 months later I was working in my dream job. Career wise things are just starting. 

But truthfully life is ummmmm complicated. I have really good days and really bad days. Most of the time I honestly feel like people who knew me prior to 2008 really don’t understand I AM NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE. I think once people understand that I won’t spend so much time trying to get them to understand that. I mean truly understanding that I honestly give ZERO you know the rest lol. Life wise well it’s just life lol 

Friendships are still as strong as ever. I still roll with the Ladies of I Am Bloggers ain’t sh*t changed. We still sh*tting on the haters. I mean it is what it is!!! We’ve even added some new people to the crew. Friends are still family. Bonds can’t be broken. 


Listen!!!! This next area ain’t no joke!!! I promise you love ain’t been no friend of mine. There’s this guy I like, super down to earth, hella cute, great guy, great father. But the way my ex’s are setup I am not mentally in a place to be anyone’s girlfriend. With an ex that pops up at my apartment when he feels like it. And an ex that sends me a good morning photo/video daily. Yea those are the kind of ex’s that I have smh. WHERE DID I FIND THESE NIGGAS!!!!!  Some times I just have to sit back and reflect on the STUPID decisions I’ve made. Love wise I just think Bish Where? Lol

 Quick update on the Ladies
Naturally DeeDee is becoming the next real estate mogul of Atlanta doing it big!!!

TripleBeez aka Beauty Beyond the Beat just got a big time promotion at her job!!! She the BOSS!!! Yall know how my crew does! 

Mzz Truth is the proud owner of Alii Calii go check her out on Facebook! Alii Calii


Anyways love bugs  I think I have gone on this rant for way too long. I’ll try to post another one next week. 
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Perfect in Every Way

The Women of I Am Bloggers would like to apologize for our lateness of this week and last week. This is all so new to us so give us time and we will be right on track.



Hey Ya’ll LOL its me!!

Ya’ll know im a goof ball but this week I will be talking about my idea of a perfect date. Hmmm thats a hard one. Well my perfect date is ummmm shit this is harder than I thought. What is considered a date now a days? Ummm a date for me is maybe dinner at a nice restaurant that I have never been to. Not no damn Red Lobster or Buffalo Wild Wings I can take myself there. Somewhere I have never been or somewhere I have been talking about that I want to go to. I like weird foods well weird to our generation, but take me to the movies and to dinner at a nice new restaurant. I would be happy to try Alinea Restaurant here in Chicago. Sounds like a nice place. Or if the guy wants to be out of the ordinary take me to the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago or the amusement park. Things that like. To me when I got out on a date I want it to be far from the Norm.

The Norm for our society today is accepting “Let’s just chill at the crib” or “You must cant cook why I gotta take you out? You should cook for me!” I said it last week “NIGGGAAAA You gotta court me!” I will not accept less than that from any guy that is coming into my life from now moving forward.

Whew I think I have said enough about my perception of what a perfect date could be for me. I’m sure the ladies of I Am Bloggers are about to do it big this week as well.


Let me sip this Starbucks lol

Now to talk about African American Women and dating. So earlier this week I posted on IG saying “Mutha Fuckers be killing me. I will never compete with a Bish because you can’t decide who you want. Imma choice for you. #BishBye”

We as women have accepted too many terms from these men of this generation. Since when do we have to fight another female for a man’s love. If he cant choice you over that female than he needs to be with that female. A man who truly loves you will never make you compete with another bish for him. A man that loves you will make sure that there is not competition between you and any other female. This “I gotta prove my love” mentality is STUPID. Why do we have to prove our love to them but we accept anything from them?

Women accept a man cheating. Isn’t that enough to prove my love that I didn’t Lorena Bobbitt your ass? Women will compete with another female over their HUSBAND! BISH NOT NEVER! I dont compete with women of the street, so why would I compete with a women in my own household?

Listen you should never compete with a women because its going to always be someone out there smaller than you, prettier than you, more educated than you. If you are going to compete for nothing you are going to be competing your entire life.


OK lets move on to education. This week in education I will be talking about the school age education. I have three younger sisters one is 21, one is 17 and one is 13 and I have a little brother who is either 12 ,I also have a little cousin who is 12. The oldest goes to USC Aiken so I will be talking about her when I speak about the college age education. School age is out for the summer. Over the summer my little brother is participating in laying around the house forgetting everything he learned over the school year. My sister that is going to 8th grade is participating in a summer art program, and my sister that will be a senior in high school this year has her first summer job. (Im so proud lol she’s growing up.)

Today I will focus on my little cousin and my little brothers summer vacation. As I said before there are things that are important to the development of your child’s education. Sports, summer learning activities those types of things. For my little brother he is not stimulating his brain at all this summer. Laying around the house hanging out with my dad is what his summer has become, but my little cousin started his summer off with a 3 day adventure with his summer camp called High Jump. (If you would like to learn more about the program please click the link.) But while he was away he was accepted into a new school for 7th grade. The supply list came it was mostly what was to be expected a few things were a bit much but its school of the new age. What was not expected was the homework that he has to complete over the summer. (Bish Whet) This young man has to read books and has a general education pack to complete as well as a math packet to complete! My little cousin is doing all of this while my little brother is relaxing his summer vacation away.

During this past school year my little brother struggled with his classes. I am not sure if it is because he truly did not understand or he did not want to understand, but the fact that his summers are not filled with educational activities that can also be fun shows that his education is not the main key in his life. My little cousin is all about education, both of them play sports, but my little cousin plays an instrument as well. There are small things in both of there paths that contribute to them having a very different future ahead of them.

With that being said please invest in your child’s future it is the key to there success.


As always I end this with saying I love you all and next week I will be featuring my first Educated African American of the week so be ready.

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I Am Justice Mayrie

Now ya’ll all know me I Am Justice Mayrie. If you dont know who I am click here to learn the basics. *Jeopardy music plays while I wait for you to read it* Ok ya’ll back and shit? *in my Ricky V Voice* LOL

Ok Ok let me clean my mouth up so I can get into the realness of my weekly topic that I will be hitting you guys with. My weekly personal topic is Black Women and Education. Yup I said it! Get ready for me to praise and bash black women for things that we, yes I said we, do today in this society. As well as get ready for me to talk about education and helping our future generations learn from our fuck ups. Im going to keep things short for this week because I hit ya’ll with alot about the future of my crew and the brand that we are about to build into an empire.

First, I want to talk about Black Women and the things that we have created as the social norm for dating. Truthfully, I have not dated in almost 3 years. Not to say I have not had relationships but I have not DATED in 3 years. And after I explain why I say that most of you women will realize that you have not DATED in YEARS! First we need to establish what DATING is, for that i’m going to Webster so you bum bishes can realize the truth.



: to do an activity with someone you have might have a romantic relationship with : to go on a date or several dates with (someone)


To do an ACTIVITY hmmm now lets make it clear. ACTIVITY does not mean SEX! You do not go to SEX, you have SEX. Now that, that is clear lets move on. When you went on a DATE in high school did you get in your car and pick him up or did your parents make that young man come pick you up? So now that we are adults why is it acceptable for us to go pick him up? When did “come to my house and chill” because an acceptable date? When you went on a date in high school who paid for the date? The man did. So why as adults we find it acceptable for us to pay for the first date?

NO SIR you gotta court me nigga. Now do not get me wrong I do not mind paying for a date, after the 3rd or 4th date. I’m not trying to take care of a man and I need to know that you can hold your own. I have a car, my own apartment and I pay all these bills, I need to be sure that you can do the same. I am not in the business of taking care of a man. Men are quick to say “Can you cook?” My question to them is can you take care of home?

Understand Women we want a man to have everything. Car, Apartment/House,  Careers and 401Ks, *in my Ms_bmarie_* but we as women do not bring that to the table. We have to bring something to the table.

For me I feel that you as a women should have a sturdy foundation that you are standing on, on your own. So why would you want a man with a flimsy foundation to help you build a life with? A man should have a sturdy as well as you should have a sturdy foundation.

Ooooohhhhhh I said I was going to keep it short so we gone get into foundations of a relationship in Black Women next week.

My next topic is Education. As an African American, I feel that education should be top priority on our list. I have done a top 10 Universities for African Americans, the link is here. Check it out. I will be going into detail on good programs from Pre K to College. I will be talking about the impact of a child playing sports have on that child in school. After school programs and more for the younger  children. I also will be talking about the benefits of extra curricular activates for high school, extra curricular activities for college students.

Each week I will be doing my Educated African American a week (One Male and One Female) starting next week.

If you have any topics you would like us to talk about please email us at iambloggers@yahoo.com

Anyways love you guys!!!


And just remember I am and will always be Justice Mayrie


“W.I.F.E = We In For Eternity.
H.U.S.B.A.N.D = He Understands Situations Better And Never Disappears.” – This was a post by my little sister Tiff today. It spoke in volumes.

Marriage is something that is suppose to be held with the highest respect. But it seems like people don’t respect it. I read Hebrews 13:4 which states “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled:but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” With that being said why is it that so many people don’t respect the bond of marriage?

My sister Tiff posted this the other day “A relationship without Christ .. Is like walking through fire and not expecting to get burned” with out that a relationship with God how do you intend to have a relationship with anyone else.

To me in relationships and marriages people are more concerned with how this person can benefit them. In a world where Basketball Wives, Video Vixens and any other Celebrate are idealized there is no room to be a normal individual.

Men want the “Bad Bitch” and Women want the “Baller”. Today while heading home a young man still in high school sat behind me, he says “Man, if a mess with a Bitch she gotta have that paper. I mean when I say I want those shoes I have them that day”. This baffled me. How in your mind can you think this is what relationship is? Never in my life can I see my grandmother dating anyone like that. But her generation is different from mines or even the young man’s.

These men really need to listen to Bad Bitch by Lupe Fiasco.
Maybe some of the women need to as wellBad Bitch

Also congratulations to my sister Tiff on her engagement to a man who believes more in God and love than how much she benefits him. They benefit and encourage each other.

I am not saying that two people in a relationship should not benefit each other, I’m saying that’s not something you should determine if you have a relationship or not. The guy I am talking to encourages me to get off my lazy butt and get rid of this extra baggage. I encourage him to continue on his journey towards his dreams. We benefit and encourage each other.

They should make you want to sing the lyrics to this song link

Ill leave you with this simple question:

In a society where 75% to 80% of marriages are about money, when can love be found?

Accepting Nothing Less Than You Deserve! Know Your Role!

So women we want all our man’s love and attention? You damn right but I also want to be his only girlfriend. Anytime you date someone there is a goal attached to it. There are two goals sex or a relationship.

So why are you women out her showing your ass so that he can like you? I recently seen a video (I’m going to try and post the link) where this one girl is in a room full of niggas and let’s them light her ass on fire! Like really you need that much attention?



I recently read a book titled “Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover excellent book but it covers how when a man wants you he will go through hell and high water to get you.

Listen I’m not going to sit here and bash female…. Wait yes I am because some of y’all do the dumbest shit!

Example: I have a friend who wants a relationship and I can understand shit I want one too. The difference between her and I is I don’t date men who show signs of only wanting sex. She will stay with a dude who disrespects her, dogs her out and sleep with her. Now if it were me I would have left his ass at the disrespect.

I don’t accept anything a man throws my way. (No matter what my ex best friend says or thinks) I am one of the pickiest people to try and holla at. Lol but in everything I do I know my role or place.

Never let a man disrespect you and then lay in your bed that’s just makes you look stupid. Next topic

There are three roles you can play in a mans life (4 but 2 are almost the same so ill add them together)

Wife/ Main Girlfriend – this is the woman he takes home to momma. The woman that he introduces are ‘My Wife’ or ‘My Girlfriend’. She cooks all his meals. And in a perfect situation she is the only one to have his children. If we are speaking about the wife she holds all the control in any conversation. 9 times out of 10 they live in the same home. So he sleeps I that bed daily.

Sideline Chick – this woman in some cases doesn’t know her position. I would say 9 out of 10 of these women are doing wife duties but sleeping alone. She cooks he doesn’t show up. She asks to meet family and friends he makes up an excuse. He always wraps up (Even tho I make men wrap up). She only gets conversation during work hours or booty call hours. She has not place to speak to him about what he does. She has no right to approach the Wife or Main.

The Female Friend – Now this female has been that man’s friend from day 1. Nothing sexual has ever happened. She is just a friend nothing more nothing less. She feeds him on occasions they exchange gifts on holidays and birthday. She is the one that listens to him as he complains about his Wife, girlfriend or side chick. She gives him advice on what those women are thinking about.

Those are your 3 roles. That can go for men and women (just change the sex)

Now if your a wife like my cousin Jasmine or my Battle Buddie’s wife Ashley. You don’t do your husband having that female friend. I mean I can understand them. And I know that they trust their husbands, it’s the women they do not trust. Which is understandable.

Some of these side lines could care less about your wife. I have a friend I will not name but her motto is “If I don’t know his wife and she’s not my friend. I don’t care about his wife’ that’s not my style but hey to each his other own. I’m not gone lie this type of side line chick is the worst possible. Only because she knows her place, she knows when and where to do any and everything.

Anyways she knows she’s my bitch no matter what so as long as I know she won’t be getting at mines we good.

Why do we assume things?

So this past weekend I was watching BLACK INK CREW, the receptionist decided that she liked one of the tattoo artist. So after the fashion shop that 2 other employees walked in she decided to sleep with him. When the previews for the following episode came on at the end it showed him flirting with another female. She seen this and got jealous. So this young lady decided that she needed to have a conversation with him. During this conversation, she decided to tell this man that they were together. The expression on this young mans face was truly priceless. But this happens so often in this society.

Women feel like because have decided to sleep with this young man that makes them automatically in a relationship. I am one of those females. The difference between me and most females is that I tell the dude. “Look Nigga if we fuck you belong to me” end of story and that’s lets him know if you still want to go down this street just know what you are getting yourself into.

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. How are you in your mind to your friends this is your boyfriend, but you never had that conversation with him? It kills me when a female says ‘Niggas ain’t shit’! How? Here are 3 reasons that we as women 90% of the time do it to ourselves.

Number 1, we meet these men and the next day that is our significant other. Bitch please you don’t even know this man. Every woman is guilty of this at one time or another in their life. I was always told claim your blessings but that man is not your blessing. Take your time and get to know him. I’ve loved my first love since the first day I met him at SUMMEROUR MIDDLE SCHOOL. And I bet you all the money ill ever make in my life he doesn’t even know he was my first love. Mind you we haven’t dated since 1998 and we are still in communication with each other to this day. But I bet his is probably reading this right now thinking “I know Nikki not talking about me?” I said that to say get to know these men. I have never opened my legs for this man! But I know him: his goods, his bad and his ugly.

Number 2, stop sleeping with these men on the first night. I have spoke on this before. Know his last name. Know his family. Damn know how old he is. Since I’ve spoken on this before I won’t say too much. But anytime you sleep with a man and you can’t tell people what the father of your child’s name is, you have an issue get you life boo.

Last but not least, number 3, we don’t have a friendship with someone that we call our mate. In my opinion you must have a healthy friendship to have a healthy relationship. How can you truly love someone and not have a friendship with them? If you ask couples who have been married for 30+ years they will tell you that they married their best FRIEND!

I’ll leave you guys with one story, I have only truly loved 2 men besides my Father, Step Father, Grand Father, Great Grand Father, and my Little Brother. But I have been friends with one for 18 years and the second one for 8 years. Before you go around giving these men the world know them first.

Just to clarify I have cried over many men but only two have truly held the key to my heart. Ladies be selective.