Is this Generation a lost cause? Why is everything about Race? and more.

In today’s society I see a lot has changed. There are a lot of African Americans voting young and old. But are they voting for the right reasons. In my opinion a lot of these younger African Americans have no idea the issues at hand. They are merely voting because President Obama is BLACK!! Yes I said it!! If more than 30 African Americans ages 19 – 23 can tell me at least 3 issues and how they will affect them ill reconsider my thoughts.

A lot of the times I hear these young kids more worried about being in the streets, selling drugs, smoking drugs and getting fast money. What about the issue of student aide for college students? They don’t even have a desire to attend school during High School. These young females are worried about how much money a man has. What about going out and building your own empire? What ever happened to women fighting to have a voice? A lot of the younger women want to marry the baller, why? What can he do that you are not capable of doing yourself? I have seen more young females have babies than have a High School diploma. What kind of sense does that make?

I was reading an article the other day and it said

BREAKING NEWS: ATLANTA — Police have confirmed that a shooting happened at World Changers Church International Wednesday morning.

Details are still emerging, but investigators know that a person entered the church and started shooting.

At least one person was hit. CPR has been performed on the victim.

The suspect is described as a black man in his 30s, wearing a suit and tie. He fled the scene after the shooting.

The church, which is headed up by Pastor Creflo Dollar, is located on Old National Highway in College Park.

As I began to read the comments on it a young woman said

Tragedy yes, but why do we have state the color of a person when reporting crimes? Racist?

*Side eye* O_o What part of that was RACIST? It simply gave a description of the suspect! Everything does not have to be racist. If someone is out there killing people I want to know who I am looking for! Everything that happens and an African American is involved does not make it racist because they say “Black suspect”.

The first time I voted was Former President Clinton’s First Term in office. I was 18 years old I didn’t know why I was voting I didn’t know the things that it was going to affect. All I knew is that I needed to vote Democrat *Shrug* But then in 2004 I lived in Chicago and it was my cousin Deanna’s 21st Birthday so we all went and voted. Vote or Die was the theme for that year. This was Former President Clinton’s Final Term. I only voted because if you voted you got into a free Jadakiss concert. Again I didnt know how politics worked. In 2008 is when I learned what it meant to vote. I voted on November 4th, 2008 at a small church in Snellville, Ga and on November 18th, 2008 I swore in to The United States Army along with my cousin Jasmine

After joining the Army I began to see things in different lights. I have friends that are forever changed by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

My only wish is that these young adults would grow up, educate themselves and stop trying to keep up with the Kardishans (sp) tell you how much I care lol. Worry about making a name for yourself and leaving something for your children. Hopefully 2013 will be a wake up call for these young people


Why are we worried about it?

They say that Atlanta, New York and California have the biggest gay communities!

So why is it that in our society people are so judgmental? Why are people so concerned about about someone’s sexual preference?

I have a lot of gay friends so even tho I am not I do not judge them. They are people just like we are. They build relationships, bonds, marry and raise children like we do. Religion wise people say that it’s wrong, but why do you care what they are doing? If you feel that they will go to hell why send yourself to hell for judging?

Our society wants to say we accept others for who they are but we don’t. I know some of the most judgmental people I swear. Living in Chicago these past 6 months I’ve seen some of the most judgmental people. People who are so worried about if their friends are gay! I had a conversation with someone and they were asking if they should ask another associate if she was gay or not? My question is why do you care? Will them being gay change the way you view them? Will it make you not want to hang out with them? If the answer to those 2 questions were yes than maybe you need to look inside yourself. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean the person you’ve grown to know and love is not there.

In my opinion, I think that people who are “Homophobic” have gay tendencies. I believe they might want to try out some same sex action. The reason they are Homophobic is because they are so ashamed of how they have and others have treated the gay community that they would be labelled as a hypocrite. They feel like being attracted to the same sex is dirty and wrong that they hate the person who is comfortable with themselves.

But I’ll end this on this one last comment. Up until around 40 years maybe less African Americans were labelled as dirty and wrong. That didn’t change who we were character wise. We have always been who we are. There are bad seeds in every group!