HEY YALL.. updates 

It’s been 2 entire years since I’ve blogged. Man listen life has been on the move. People have come and people have gone. I’ve gained some very very inspirational and inspiring friends. First of all just know Mzz Truth ain’t going no fucking where she my homie for LIFE!! Still grinding, still hustling, still being that phenomenal mother as always. So if you looking for hot gear get at her and Alii Calii Fashions. She accepts all major credit cards, paypal, EBT! You name it she accept it lol naw I’m lying just PayPal, Cash and All Major Credit cards. 


So now that I got Best Friend’s plug out of the way. Watch how I work lol so the past few years, I have become someone new. I still have my ratchet moments, I’ll still bust your lip wide open, but now it’s takes a lot longer to get me to that point. I have grown to ignore a lot of things. I’ve grown to know that regardless of what I see in the mirror these hoes still gone hate! Lol in these 2 years I have seen more women hate on the next one because she WORKING! Smh I wish some of y’all would just get a job. Lol ok rant over. I’ve learned that you have to always live your life for you. Fuck everyone else and how they feel about what you do. How you do it. And why you do it. People always gone talk. ALWAYS! So stop living your life to please them Zane please yourself, make yourself happy. 

Now updates on ya girl Me, Justice Mayrie, Niquita Mayrie, Dat Damn Cinco, or my newly added name Introspective. Yes on June 11, 2016 I became a member of the lovely sorority of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc. I still have my same employer. I’m still grinding with I Am Justice Mayrie. I still Wake up, yawn and Hustle. 

I have a few things in the works. Still writing my book Life After trust it’s something serious. You will definitely want to get your hands on it once it’s finished. 

I also have a Non Profit in the works Heels And Hoodies… need more details? Contact us at Heels And Hoodies

I got a few more products in the works as well as a friends with projects and hustles up and coming. More plugs to come. See you guys Sunday. 


I miss Chicago

ok so I’ve been in Georgia for about 9 going on 10 months and although I loving being around family and old friends, I MISS CHICAGO. 

My family and old friends have known me most of my life and they continue to think I am still that chick from 2008. Times have changed, I have changed, things happened, life happened. I’m working on being a better me after this chapter of my life. I say this chapter because although I’m through the storm I’m still cleaning up the mess. It seems as though they all expect me to wake up and magically be ok. Well guess what guys I WONT!

My friends in Chicago don’t know 2008 Nikki so they aren’t looking for her return. They know I’m in the midst of a reconstruction to my world and they are there for me. They are willing to hold a nail when I swing. Everyone I met in the past 3 years were put in my life to help guide me through it. I miss just having fun with them. I miss the BBQ’s, the basement parties, the drunken nights at the crib just reflecting on life, I miss the “lets go to the show” or “meet me at the bowling alley”. I miss the I cooked and I got some wine let’s watch Love and Hip hop. It’s like it’s a lets live life place. Where as in Georgia it’s more of a I’m on this trying to come up place. 

I also miss the Chicago culture, it’s so beautiful in such a fucked up time. Yes there is a lot of killings going on but have you ever looked at the lake front when you wake up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMERTIME CHI! But as much as I hated the winters it was still beautiful looking at the lake front. You’d have to experience it to understand it. 

Anyways, I just needed to get that out. Hey yall. I got a new subject to speak on but that will be some time this week. Love yall.  


Update.. Career… Life… Friendships… Love… Just a quick overview of what’s new. 

Hi guys, 
It’s been a while. Oh how I’ve missed Blogging. The Ladies of I Am Bloggers have been super busy. Big things have been going on with us. Clothing Lines, Boutiques, promotions in career, Real Estate Mogul in the making. Big things I tell you. 

We just making moves; building EMPIRES!  


Y’all know that’s me in the blue right? Lol 

For me I’m still working on the line it’s popping.  

Go get your shirt at www.Iamjusticemayrie.spreadshirt.com. I’ve moved from Chicago to Atlanta. I definitely miss it everyday but it was a career move. I told my 1SG before I got out of the Army that I was going to get a government job, and that’s exactly what I did. Received my Bachelors Degree in two years. 8 months later I was working in my dream job. Career wise things are just starting. 

But truthfully life is ummmmm complicated. I have really good days and really bad days. Most of the time I honestly feel like people who knew me prior to 2008 really don’t understand I AM NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE. I think once people understand that I won’t spend so much time trying to get them to understand that. I mean truly understanding that I honestly give ZERO you know the rest lol. Life wise well it’s just life lol 

Friendships are still as strong as ever. I still roll with the Ladies of I Am Bloggers ain’t sh*t changed. We still sh*tting on the haters. I mean it is what it is!!! We’ve even added some new people to the crew. Friends are still family. Bonds can’t be broken. 


Listen!!!! This next area ain’t no joke!!! I promise you love ain’t been no friend of mine. There’s this guy I like, super down to earth, hella cute, great guy, great father. But the way my ex’s are setup I am not mentally in a place to be anyone’s girlfriend. With an ex that pops up at my apartment when he feels like it. And an ex that sends me a good morning photo/video daily. Yea those are the kind of ex’s that I have smh. WHERE DID I FIND THESE NIGGAS!!!!!  Some times I just have to sit back and reflect on the STUPID decisions I’ve made. Love wise I just think Bish Where? Lol

 Quick update on the Ladies
Naturally DeeDee is becoming the next real estate mogul of Atlanta doing it big!!!

TripleBeez aka Beauty Beyond the Beat just got a big time promotion at her job!!! She the BOSS!!! Yall know how my crew does! 

Mzz Truth is the proud owner of Alii Calii go check her out on Facebook! Alii Calii


Anyways love bugs  I think I have gone on this rant for way too long. I’ll try to post another one next week. 
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The New Side Chick Part II: But I Can’t Leave Him…

This is definitely a must read. In today’s society we have begun to outcast what we have labelled as the “side chick” but we too have been the side chick and not recognized it. Please read this and Part I

Miss T. N. king

In my opinion, love is the greatest gift a person can give and receive. People spend a lifetime seeking, chasing, crying, and fighting for love. But what happens when that sweet love turns sour? Your sunny skies turn gray, and the one person you loved the most has given you the biggest heartache.  I want to discuss how to let go of toxic relationships and gain the strength to move forward. Since I’ve published “The ‘New’ Side Chick: I was Her”, a lot of men and women have contacted me sharing their similar experiences and have asked me how to move on from someone you love. I too have faced the same challenge, and through the grace of God, I’ve made it.

Growing up, I’ve always vowed to never give my heart away. I liked, but wouldn’t dare to love. However, all of that changed once…

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I AM NaturallyDeeDee

INTRODUCING…….I AM Naturally DeeDee

Welcome to my view of the world…. well a snippet of my view.  I hope you are enjoying your stay.  To start off I am way behind and I apologize….Justice Mayrie addressed this in her post last week Perfect in Every Way so I’ll just let that be it.

Now I missed my introduction so here it goes. I go by Naturally DeeDee.  YES, I am natural NO I am not I hate everything not-natural….bah bah bah…… To be honest I am natural because it is better for my hair (I said for ‘MY’ hair). Now I LOVE color and I have calmed down a bit but a few year ago there was no color I would not try which is why the relaxer was put out of my hair’s life. You see I use to have any and every color with a relaxer as well. What I did not always have–was the ‘patience’ to grow color treated relaxed hair. Yes that can be done however you must have patience and the means to grow relaxed and color treated hair.


Anyway, more about me….from the picture above you can see that I am a mother to a loving 2-year-old girl.  She is my heart and I will do anything for her.  I love being a mother for those you will want to know later down the line yes I am a single mother. Her father is her father I leave it at that….but one thing I must address I am not a baby’s mother.  For those who do not understand please read A LITTLE LATE BUT HERE’S THE TRUTH by  MZZ TRUTH. She will help you out and you will have acquired a complete understanding of a baby’s mother verses a mother of a child. My life is being a mother first which is a blessing as well watching her grow has taught me so much. She sees love in everything. She is so quick to remind us to calm down and just be happy I love that the most about her. Plus ‘kids say the darnest things’ and I love everything about it. More about me…I was born in Brooklyn, NY raised in a combo of New York, New Jersey and Georgia.  I live in Georgia at the moment but one I might move back to California. I had a short stay there (it was just for a few months) and I loved it.  I am a Realtor® and I am also finishing my Master of Business Administration with a concentration on Finance. I will also start a part-time when school is back in session.  In between my little one’s school, dance class, my career, and education I also find time for sewing, crafting, and other various things.  It helps that my little one is very creative and loves to use her sewing machine as well….yes she reminds me about it daily.   I love her for it.

Let’s Get On track…..


Is there such a thing?  I would say yes, but it depends on the person.  When it is the first date, it is a whole other story.  Personally, I am like most ‘women’ if I do not know you we will be meeting, each other at the venue….You could be crazy. Now one good date does not crosses out you being crazy but it means you are either sane or a great actor.  Now for if it was my first date we would have talked for a little so you would know something about me which would help you plan a date. Which means the date would be creative.  Now dinner and a movie is not a great first date but if that was a choice the movie would be something I would like.  Dinner at a nice place would be a great first date.  However, nice does not mean expensive and that point does not mean cheap.  Put some though into it make her smile not just by saying you look beautiful by showing her you cared enough to make a great impression.

Yes, impression, when you want a job you dress up you plan things out you prepare yourself to get the job. Now I am not saying in one date you get the girl and I mean as a girlfriend not as a sex friend (too many people treat sex as if it is nothing when it is something it is a matter of life and death).  Anyway, back to this date you take the steps and prepare for an interview so do the same for your date….PLAN IT!!!!

Picture this he arrives at the venue with a rose maybe some flowers but a single rose would do and he is dressed nice not just jeans and a plain t-shirt.  The date continues with a painting night, wine (light drinks) and a light meal followed by a walk on the beach or in the city (location-based).  Or flip it around go to the museum look at some art and for those who don’t love it remember the date is about getting to know each other so if the museum is boring….well it is because you are boring…..lol.  On the other hand, there is always bowling night just remember make it fun and interactive….. because a silent walk on the beach is — AWKWARD.

Bottom line live a little…laugh little ENJOY your night.  You never know you might need up having a night where she screaming on the inside….

“Push me against the wall and kiss the hell out of me”.  

I’ll leave it up to you do you want a ‘silent’ walk on the beach or do you want to a run in waves.

I appreciate every one of you and stay tuned I have a lot of things to come.

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Hmmm…let’s see.
If it is a first date, I am meeting you at the location. People are crazy nowadays. Therefore if you want to show out feel free I am going to put my church usher finger in the air and leave. Lol
I love to have fun enjoy life. So we would go to places like Dave & Busters or even bowling. Depending on our location, we can even go walking on a boardwalk. Now that’s the Cali in me. Your probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned a dinner & a movie as a perfect date? I’ll keep it real with ya’ll. How many times have you went on a date to the movies, ate dinner and your date is expecting you to give up the goods afterwards? Nobody? Don’t even lie!! It’s the society we live in.
Men..I mean boys who portray themselves as men believe that they are owed something because they paid for everything on a date. Who made this rule? I am not saying that the men should pay for everything. Hey I’ll grab dinner if you pay for the activities. That let’s him know that you are willing to help and aren’t just using him.
So my recipe for a perfect date would be to engage in fun activities while getting to know your date…NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT..GRAB YOUR TEA AND HOLD ON TO YOUR TABLES!!!




babymother |ˈbābēˌməT͟Hər| (or babyfather |ˈbābēˌfäT͟Hər| )noun black Englishthe mother (or father) of one or more of one’s children.

There are two types of mothers. There is the mother of your child, and a baby’s mother. Many people do not know the difference. Trust if you are a mother and do not allow yourself to be labeled as a Baby’s mother. Have you ever noticed that we are the only race that refers to the mother of a child as a baby mother? Ladies, we aren’t innocent because we take pride in that name.

Well let me elaborate on that term. This is where your going to start feeling some type of way. Society has negative views about baby mothers. Their on welfare, doing drugs, unemployed, taking the baby’s money getting your hair or nails done and always in the club. So are you still a baby’s mother? Oh ok let me continue.
A baby’s mothers is a woman who behaves childish. You are bitter because he moved on so you withhold the child from him. He’s not paying child support so you also won’t allow him to spend time with his child. You cause unnecessary drama in this man’s life just because he DOES NOT WANT YOU! No lie I will admit I was guilty of being bitter. I was with my son’s father for 10 years. We planned to have my son. A couple of months after my son was born the relationship was over. It hurts I know. I did the screaming, cussing hanging up phones. The issue is that you still want that man and some women use their child as a bait to interact with him. NO, stop that shit right now!! Oh so your going to put on a skin tight dress and go to the club everyday to prove a point? While your child is at grandma’s house, and haven’t spent anytime with you. Post a couple of nude pictures or tweak for the internet while your baby is in the background? Good job you have his attention and everyone else’s attention in the world. Honestly the baby needs to stay with grandma until you get your shit together.

One day I realized, I can argue with this man until I turn blue in the face but the end result is the same. He isn’t going to do anything, which leaves me to make it happen. Being a single parent is a chance you take when you have a child. So I vowed not to complain and make it happen. Oh how my days have been peaceful!!

A mother to a man’s child doesn’t act belligerent because he refuses to take care of his responsibilities. My motto out of sight out of mind. Life is too short to beat up a dead horse. Don’t give him your power. When you react to his foolishness he wins, and plays it off like your tripping because you still want him. Concentrate on your children and trust you won’t even have time for anything else.


Any thoughts about the video above?? His response?? So are you still going to act 5 fools out here in these streets or remain a lady and take care of your children?? Her actions were beyond ridiculous. Remember: if another woman can have your man, he never was your man to begin with.
On that note, I am out of tea and my table is on the floor!
Like I said I vow to tell the truth because I Am Mzz Truth!!
See ya Next week!!

Perfect in Every Way

The Women of I Am Bloggers would like to apologize for our lateness of this week and last week. This is all so new to us so give us time and we will be right on track.



Hey Ya’ll LOL its me!!

Ya’ll know im a goof ball but this week I will be talking about my idea of a perfect date. Hmmm thats a hard one. Well my perfect date is ummmm shit this is harder than I thought. What is considered a date now a days? Ummm a date for me is maybe dinner at a nice restaurant that I have never been to. Not no damn Red Lobster or Buffalo Wild Wings I can take myself there. Somewhere I have never been or somewhere I have been talking about that I want to go to. I like weird foods well weird to our generation, but take me to the movies and to dinner at a nice new restaurant. I would be happy to try Alinea Restaurant here in Chicago. Sounds like a nice place. Or if the guy wants to be out of the ordinary take me to the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago or the amusement park. Things that like. To me when I got out on a date I want it to be far from the Norm.

The Norm for our society today is accepting “Let’s just chill at the crib” or “You must cant cook why I gotta take you out? You should cook for me!” I said it last week “NIGGGAAAA You gotta court me!” I will not accept less than that from any guy that is coming into my life from now moving forward.

Whew I think I have said enough about my perception of what a perfect date could be for me. I’m sure the ladies of I Am Bloggers are about to do it big this week as well.


Let me sip this Starbucks lol

Now to talk about African American Women and dating. So earlier this week I posted on IG saying “Mutha Fuckers be killing me. I will never compete with a Bish because you can’t decide who you want. Imma choice for you. #BishBye”

We as women have accepted too many terms from these men of this generation. Since when do we have to fight another female for a man’s love. If he cant choice you over that female than he needs to be with that female. A man who truly loves you will never make you compete with another bish for him. A man that loves you will make sure that there is not competition between you and any other female. This “I gotta prove my love” mentality is STUPID. Why do we have to prove our love to them but we accept anything from them?

Women accept a man cheating. Isn’t that enough to prove my love that I didn’t Lorena Bobbitt your ass? Women will compete with another female over their HUSBAND! BISH NOT NEVER! I dont compete with women of the street, so why would I compete with a women in my own household?

Listen you should never compete with a women because its going to always be someone out there smaller than you, prettier than you, more educated than you. If you are going to compete for nothing you are going to be competing your entire life.


OK lets move on to education. This week in education I will be talking about the school age education. I have three younger sisters one is 21, one is 17 and one is 13 and I have a little brother who is either 12 ,I also have a little cousin who is 12. The oldest goes to USC Aiken so I will be talking about her when I speak about the college age education. School age is out for the summer. Over the summer my little brother is participating in laying around the house forgetting everything he learned over the school year. My sister that is going to 8th grade is participating in a summer art program, and my sister that will be a senior in high school this year has her first summer job. (Im so proud lol she’s growing up.)

Today I will focus on my little cousin and my little brothers summer vacation. As I said before there are things that are important to the development of your child’s education. Sports, summer learning activities those types of things. For my little brother he is not stimulating his brain at all this summer. Laying around the house hanging out with my dad is what his summer has become, but my little cousin started his summer off with a 3 day adventure with his summer camp called High Jump. (If you would like to learn more about the program please click the link.) But while he was away he was accepted into a new school for 7th grade. The supply list came it was mostly what was to be expected a few things were a bit much but its school of the new age. What was not expected was the homework that he has to complete over the summer. (Bish Whet) This young man has to read books and has a general education pack to complete as well as a math packet to complete! My little cousin is doing all of this while my little brother is relaxing his summer vacation away.

During this past school year my little brother struggled with his classes. I am not sure if it is because he truly did not understand or he did not want to understand, but the fact that his summers are not filled with educational activities that can also be fun shows that his education is not the main key in his life. My little cousin is all about education, both of them play sports, but my little cousin plays an instrument as well. There are small things in both of there paths that contribute to them having a very different future ahead of them.

With that being said please invest in your child’s future it is the key to there success.


As always I end this with saying I love you all and next week I will be featuring my first Educated African American of the week so be ready.

Also If you have a topic you would like for us to talk about please feel free to  email us at iambloggers@yahoo.com, we are always open to your suggestions.







How is everyone today? I hope your in the mood to receive the truth! I vow to give you my honest opinion weekly. WARNING: If you do not have an open mind EXIT NOW. To the few that are still inhering around let me give you my info.

From the picture above you obviously can see that I am a mother. Yes, a mother to a healthy, active 5 year old boy. See something missing in the picture?? Missing parent? No, he didn’t take this photo. No, he isn’t…wait, wait. We will get into that next Thursday since my topic will be about Baby Mother’s. I advise everyone who is a single mother to check out my blog. I will be addressing the difference of a baby’s mother and the mother of a child. Oh you didn’t know there was difference? Just wait on it! Yes I will also address the bad seeds of the bunch. Every group has one if it is you, FIX IT JESUS!!!

On the other hand, motherhood has been very good to me. I never take it for granted. It’s a blessing that not every woman can enjoy. I think of my son as one of God’s angels. Therefore I am going to love, teach and protect him each and every day. As you can see he is my life. That’s why I give a puzzled look when asked, “what do you do for fun?”. I hang out at a park with a 5 year old. Basketball, baseball, tag, soccer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are my life. Lol. All the mother’s know that children will change every inch of your life. For example, I can remember clubbing Monday – Saturday & occasionally on Sundays. Call me old, but I really don’t have the desire to go out every night. There’s nothing like putting your child to sleep. On that note, if your baby has been at grandma’s house all weekend? Go get your baby right now! Trust the club will still be there. SMDH.

Anyways, I was born in Modesto, Ca and raised in Richmond, Ca. I currently reside in Killeen, Tx. I’ve been in Texas for a year and I really love being down south. Especially the amount of land you get when you purchase a home. I take courses online at Central Texas College. My major is Business Administration (Only because they don’t offer accounting as a major). I also am working at Burlington Coat Factory and start working part time at a daycare next week. Yes, it is a busy schedule. Hey, if I don’t make it happen who will? For those who know me, they’ll let you know that this is nothing new.

I come from a military family. Let me elaborate on that. My father hasn’t been in my life consistently, therefore my mother did what she had to do (see how the cycle continues?). She initially enlisted into the National Guard and went active duty once my brother and I got older. When I say the military has been a life saver to my family, that’s not the half. It has brought my family through some very tough times. Which is probably why I have the desire to enlist active duty myself. A way to set a foundation for my son. All I know I know is to work hard and if that doesn’t do it, WORK HARDER!.

Now that you know a little bit about me make sure you check out the other ladies in the I AM BLOG Series as well! They’ll definitely shake a couple tables as they discuss some touchy topics. We aren’t trying to gossip or belittle anyone. Just bring some issues to light.

Before I end this I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MS. BEAUTY BEYOND THE BEAT!!!!! Enjoy your day!!!

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Beautiful Beginnings with Beauty Beyond the Beat ♥

Hello all, I am Beauty Beyond the Beat and I will be discussing all things BEAUTY, both INSIDE and OUT 🙂


Growing up, confidence was instilled in me through my family… I was always told that I was pretty and smart. In my teen years, I would always get teased for being chubby, but my comeback was always “bet you can’t say I’m ugly though!!!” (SMH & LOL) I believe that I am beautiful, and no one can tell me otherwise. However, up until about 2 years ago I let that get to my head big time. I was a mess!!! (sometimes I still am… working progress though) I had graduated with one degree, working on the next, I advanced in my career, I was kid free (still am, yes gawd) and a SUPER DIVA, but not the nice one… Fortunately for me, God surrounded me with authentic and humble people who loved me, and gave me reality checks on the regular. I came to realize that my self centeredness and attitude made me look so ugly, and sometimes it made people not want to be around me. I had many messy people in my life that got a kick out of seeing me act a fool, they even provoked it. But I learned the hard way that being pretty will only take you so far. If you have a nasty attitude, are as dumb as a rock, uninteresting, extremely self centered, or just plain lame as shit, then what’s on the outside won’t matter when it comes to GENUINE friendships and relationships. Yes it will be easy for you to be pursued (frequently) and you will probably always have someone to call upon in your time of boredom. But where’s the stability in that? What about a solid relationship? Unless you want to be in that type of in and out situation, you are going to find yourself very unhappy, and always seeking attention whether its negative or positive. Your beauty is what ATTRACTS a person, but what you bring to the table is whats going to KEEP them. I can go on and on about this topic, but we will have plenty of time for that. My weekly post won’t always be so serious and deep, we are going to have tons of fun too!!! You can look forward to posts about makeup, (which I absolutely adore), beauty and health tips, and so much more… I will also feature a Beat of the Week, it might be a celebrity or a civilian, but just know that they will be BEAT!!!


see you next week my loves


XOXO, triplebeez 🙂


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Oh BTW my birthday is this Thursday 7/3/14, show your girl some LOVE!!!




I Am Justice Mayrie

Now ya’ll all know me I Am Justice Mayrie. If you dont know who I am click here to learn the basics. *Jeopardy music plays while I wait for you to read it* Ok ya’ll back and shit? *in my Ricky V Voice* LOL

Ok Ok let me clean my mouth up so I can get into the realness of my weekly topic that I will be hitting you guys with. My weekly personal topic is Black Women and Education. Yup I said it! Get ready for me to praise and bash black women for things that we, yes I said we, do today in this society. As well as get ready for me to talk about education and helping our future generations learn from our fuck ups. Im going to keep things short for this week because I hit ya’ll with alot about the future of my crew and the brand that we are about to build into an empire.

First, I want to talk about Black Women and the things that we have created as the social norm for dating. Truthfully, I have not dated in almost 3 years. Not to say I have not had relationships but I have not DATED in 3 years. And after I explain why I say that most of you women will realize that you have not DATED in YEARS! First we need to establish what DATING is, for that i’m going to Webster so you bum bishes can realize the truth.



: to do an activity with someone you have might have a romantic relationship with : to go on a date or several dates with (someone)


To do an ACTIVITY hmmm now lets make it clear. ACTIVITY does not mean SEX! You do not go to SEX, you have SEX. Now that, that is clear lets move on. When you went on a DATE in high school did you get in your car and pick him up or did your parents make that young man come pick you up? So now that we are adults why is it acceptable for us to go pick him up? When did “come to my house and chill” because an acceptable date? When you went on a date in high school who paid for the date? The man did. So why as adults we find it acceptable for us to pay for the first date?

NO SIR you gotta court me nigga. Now do not get me wrong I do not mind paying for a date, after the 3rd or 4th date. I’m not trying to take care of a man and I need to know that you can hold your own. I have a car, my own apartment and I pay all these bills, I need to be sure that you can do the same. I am not in the business of taking care of a man. Men are quick to say “Can you cook?” My question to them is can you take care of home?

Understand Women we want a man to have everything. Car, Apartment/House,  Careers and 401Ks, *in my Ms_bmarie_* but we as women do not bring that to the table. We have to bring something to the table.

For me I feel that you as a women should have a sturdy foundation that you are standing on, on your own. So why would you want a man with a flimsy foundation to help you build a life with? A man should have a sturdy as well as you should have a sturdy foundation.

Ooooohhhhhh I said I was going to keep it short so we gone get into foundations of a relationship in Black Women next week.

My next topic is Education. As an African American, I feel that education should be top priority on our list. I have done a top 10 Universities for African Americans, the link is here. Check it out. I will be going into detail on good programs from Pre K to College. I will be talking about the impact of a child playing sports have on that child in school. After school programs and more for the younger  children. I also will be talking about the benefits of extra curricular activates for high school, extra curricular activities for college students.

Each week I will be doing my Educated African American a week (One Male and One Female) starting next week.

If you have any topics you would like us to talk about please email us at iambloggers@yahoo.com

Anyways love you guys!!!


And just remember I am and will always be Justice Mayrie